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The Milton Measure

Wednesday Schedule Poorly Received

by on Friday, October 2nd, 2015

This year, the adminstation changed the Wednesday schedule. In the modified version, first period, which begins at 8:05, precedes second period assembly. Directly following assembly, all upper school students attend a 25 minute advisory group meeting, thus eliminating the otherwise daily 15 minute recess. In the words of Mr. Ruiz, the change is “an initiative plan of Milton’s to improve the advising system.” In order to construct this new schedule, Mr. Ruiz and Mrs. Roethke-Kahn co-chaired a committee of 14 faculty and staff, including Mr. Heard, Mr. Bailey, Ms. WuWong, Dr. Richards, Mr. Hales, Ms. Starks, Ms. Sugrue, Ms. Morin, Ms. Wooten, Ms. Klein-Ash, Mr. Fitzpatrick and Ms. Collins.

“I just want my extra 20 minutes of sleep back,” says a Milton Academy boarder as she drags herself out of bed and to check-in on a Wednesday morning. Each day, Milton boarders like this one, daunted by the grueling task of waking up for class, must face another long day of school. On any typical Wednesday morning in years prior, boarders signed in with their advisors in the dorm and proceeded to their first period class by 8:20. Meanwhile, day students arrived as usual by 8:00am and met with their advisee groups for fifteen minutes before going to first period class.

Cheyenne Porcher (II), a boarder, thought that “[The schedule change] should not be mandatory for boarders.” In fact, most boarders meet with their advisor once a week in the evenings. Claudia Chung (II), another boarder noted, “[The new schedule is] a good idea for day students, but not as good for borders, because we already have nights where we meet with our advisee groups.”

Some day students also suggest that an extra ten minutes with their advisor is not that useful, especially if they lose recess because of it. Boarder Celena Eccleston (III) finds that the new schedule is “so much more confusing than last year’s” and that “a lot of people in [her] grade are disappointed that recess is gone.” Some students say that the new schedule ruins some Wednesday morning traditions within their advisory groups. Henry Claudy (II), a day student, says, “It makes more sense for the day students,” but found the new schedule to be “bad in general.”

Meanwhile, some find the new schedule to be beneficial. “It’s a good idea to make advisory groups meet after Wednesday assemblies,” boarder Sarah Miller-Bartley (II) noted. For some, their advisory groups used to meet on Tuesday evenings or in the morning before assembly; so in order to discuss a Wednesday assembly speaker, they had to wait a week.

Boarder Tony Xu (II), stated that he “preferred the old [schedule] because the times were more spread out, instead of being cramped into one day.” Another day student mentioned that “if you are not close with your advisees, the whole group meeting could be awkward.”

Mr. Ruiz indicates that he “has not received direct feedback” but “has heard some students bothered by the change in schedule, but it has all been anecdotal.”

Perhaps our school needs to stop complaining and start giving direct feedback to the people who can make a change. The schedule change is simply a pilot program and with “strong feedback before the semester ends,” Mr. Ruiz, with the help of other faculty members, will “evaluate the model and make a decision to continue or not.”

The change in schedule was well intentioned and the idea of more time with our advisors is a good one; however, the new schedule eliminates recess and an extra twenty minutes of sleep for boarders. So, like many others here at Milton, I can say that I miss the old schedule.

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