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The Milton Measure

The Real Parents Day Schedule

by The Milton Measure on Friday, October 16th, 2015

The Real Parents Day Schedule

Time Students Parents
4:30 zzzzzzzz wake up, elliptical to get the jitters out
5:00 Zzzzzzzz put on nice clothes
5:02 zzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZ change to match Milton Colors #OrangeAndBlueBowTie #ImpressedMr.Bland?
6:30 Day students: get yanked out of bed by parents. Boarders: zzzzz Gently nudge child awake
7:00 Day students: Drive to school (different car, Duhh) Boarders: zzzzzzz Drive to school
8:00 run to assembly Stop to take pictures of Strauss
8:10 sleep “Whoa! A Cappella! how do they make that music with their mouthes?”
8:15 walk to class. “Oh, $!@#, where’s ma’?” Talk to other parents
10:00 TGIR (Thank God It’s Recess Ask child, “Is this what glow dance is like?”
10:01 Yell at SAA for trash music Enjoy “Trap” music
10:15 English class--silence relive high school glory days of being teacher’s pet
10:20 are Megablunders are Megablunders
10:50 Get an A on my English essay Umm.. did you forget the “+”? Where is my 50K going? Why is my kid dumb?
12:35 BRO! LUNCH IN THE ACC! NICE! “Oh, this is lunch?” *pokes blackened meat* “50K, where you at?!”
1:20 Free period: Head to third floor of the library So proud my kid loves books
1:26 Realize parent is with you. walk back to first floor, dissapointed Look how many books there are!
1:30 Ditch parents Knowledge is power
1:45 Use daddy’s credit card--here we come Dunkin! Where’s my child?! Alone in high school part 2...
2:10 last class, thank god. So little time left with my child... *Sheds tear*
3:30 practice *Sees quad* “...So this is where my 50K went…”

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