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The Milton Measure

Origin of Milton Colors

by Brie Lawson on Friday, October 16th, 2015

Stepping onto campus, you first take in the green grass and red buildings, and then notice something else interesting…are you just seeing things or are the colors blue and orange almost everywhere? No, you assure yourself, blue and orange are definitely a big deal here. Why else would there be students, faculty, signs, cars, hats, shirts, ties, pants, shoes, and even trash cans sporting these colors? Of course, you decide, Milton must really love orange and blue, but you have to wonder… why? Out of all the millions of colors in the world, Milton chose orange and blue to represent its community. What’s so important about these colors?

Practically, schools choose colors to identify their sports teams in order to avoid confusion on the playing field and to display school pride. People develop a personal connection with their school colors and the community can eventually evolves its identity around this source of pride. Milton, for instance, displays orange and blue all around campus, because, as Mr. Heard says, “the school colors, especially the orange, are a very simplistic display of pride in who we are and what we are attempting to do in this community”. As pointed out by Associate Dean of Students Mr. Heard, we continuously strive to show pride in our school and take advantage of any opportunity presented to do so.

In addition to school colors, Milton needed an official school seal, according to the December 18, 1895 issue of the Orange and Blue paper which states, “It has been recently discovered that the School is entitled by law to have a seal.” Mr. Bland, Head of School, explains that the school’s seal was established three years later on Milton’s centennial, 1898, and the roman numerals for this date are actually included on the seal. At this time, orange and blue were already considered the school colors, but after this date, they officially became Milton’s colors.

On the Milton seal, the orange is specifically on top of the blue and, according to Mr. Bland, the orange represents the sun while the blue represents the ocean. Mr. Bland further describes how blue and orange are bright, “just like Milton students,”and how the boldness of blue and orange go hand in hand with our school motto: Dare to Be True.

So the truth is, we aren’t exactly sure what the reasoning behind Milton’s initial choice of blue and orange was, but we are sure that these colors are more than capable of identifying our school as a whole. Jack O’Brien (II) says, “blue and orange completely define Milton and any other colors just wouldn’t fit our school’s identity.” Our school colors ask us to celebrate that which unifies our vastly diverse group of people: Milton. By wearing orange and blue, we not only display our support in each other, but we also celebrate our school. In other words, specifically those of Todd Bland make sure to “Fly your colors!”

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