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The Milton Measure

Apple’s Next Big Thing?

by Christina Lin on Friday, October 2nd, 2015

Apple is releasing new products again. As someone who still has the iPhone 4, which runs on the iOS6 system (yes, I’m that old-fashioned), I cannot seem to keep up with the ever-changing market for Apple products. Two notable new products that Apple is releasing are the Apple Pencil and the iOS9 operating system.

The Apple Pencil is the optional stylus of the new iPad Pro. Its aim is to push the iPad and iOS in a new direction, away from regular consumers and towards designers. Unfortunately, the people that Apple is targeting don’t seem too interested. According to Money Times, Mike Messina, a senior designer at AOL, “it doesn’t look to have many practical applications in terms of a professional design tool as it’s not possible to use full Creative Suite and other industry-standard applications on a tablet device,” Messina further comments, “I don’t think [the Pencil] compares to traditional [graphics] tablets and is more of an expensive toy– albeit a nice one.” An interesting side note is that in 2010, according to Wired, Steve Jobs said, “If you see a stylus, they blew it.”

The iOS9 system, admittedly, offers many new features. First, iOS9 requires only 1.3GB to upgrade as opposed to about 4.58 GB for previous iOS updates. Additionally, Apple Proactive, which is similar to Google Now, provides trip alerts and delivery information and secures the information in one’s phone. Apple News, another new feature that provides mobile-friendly news and even functions while offline. For new iPads, the upgraded operating system allows users to multitask; in addition, “QuickType”, a smarter typing system, offers increased convenience. Overall, iOS9 allows Apple devices to function faster, more efficiently, and with increased stability.

After examining the two new products, personally, I don’t think I will be getting either. These new Apple products contain novel ideas and demonstrate improvements, but I think their release is pushed by the company’s desire to make profit rather than a desire to create better products. Although Apple Pencil may be good for sketching, my fingers have been working just fine so far. As for the iOS9 system, yes, there are interesting new features, but none of them seem to be a must-have for me. My iPhone 4 and iOS6 have been able to satisfy all the functions I need, and I don’t see anything in the new Apple products that will revolutionize my relationship with my devices. Apple, your next big thing isn’t here yet.

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