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The Milton Measure

Student Governing Association Plans for Next Year

by on Friday, June 5th, 2015

Many of us have heard of the infamous Spring Gotcha, the intense battle of hide and-seek. After being tagged out in the fall, we’ve all consoled ourselves with the notion of redemption in the spring. Yet, year after year, we still haven’t gotten the long awaited email telling us to pull out the camouflage gear and to forget momentarily about our friendships. With next year’s SGA (Student Governing Association) representatives working towards making Milton a more open and supportive community, perhaps Spring Gotcha will finally be realized.

Every year, the SGA decides on an overarching theme or goal to pursue. Recently elected Head Monitor Avery Park (II), said that this year’s goal will be encouraging people to “[break] out of [their] comfort zones” hoping to encourage students to meet new people, try out new clubs, and support fellow students at various events. The SGA also hopes to fix the larger problems that the Milton community faces and hopes that its ideas will not only help people find new interests, but also create a closer-knit community because of the support we could demonstrate for each other.

Over this past year, many different clubs attempted to host various social events, but because of some students’ feeling uncomfortable, many of these events haven’t received the predicted response. The idea of encouraging students to engage with their peers will benefit the turnout at these events and will make the individual students within our community more diverse and understanding.

As many students feel as though most of the collaboration occurs in a secretive fashion, this year the SGA wants to emphasize student participation. Its Thursday meetings have always been open meetings, but few have attended. The SGA wants people to feel as if they’re attending town-hall style meetings and that they have a voice in the community. Mack Makishima (II) says that “the role of the SGA is to represent students, so people should be as invested in that as they want and as is possible.”

Many students have expressed their concerns regarding Flik. Some have expressed their discontent over the cookouts and desire for more vegetarian options. Although SGA doesn’t have a direct correlation with our dining service, it claims that if people started rebelling, SGA could discuss the concerns with the administration with a plan to make students’ voices be heard. Claudia Chung (III) says that she wants to see “more performances in assemblies, perhaps featuring the dance team or the step team.” As most SGA members have promised the community more engaging and exciting assemblies, it seems as though this request can be met with some ease. The dance team only performs once a year and this would be another way for them to gain some kind of publicity. Overall, most people enjoy performances by the step team and this could be another opportunity for them to showcase their abilities. Although some requests seem impossible, Claudia’s is one that could be completed with ease.

So far, the lack of time is the biggest issue the SGA has encountered regarding planning for next year. Although it has hoped to execute various ideas, they haven’t found an adequate amount of time. The SGA believes that in previous years many Head Monitors have had great ideas but fell short of accomplishing them due to time restraints. This year’s Head Monitors hope to end that pattern by leaving ample amounts of time to accomplish their goals and by focusing on executing smaller, less time consuming tasks. Avery says that “we’re trying to get a lot of work done during the summer, so we can jump right in next year.”

Although we’re uncertain of whether or not we will actually be able to console ourselves with the notion of a Spring Gotcha, we can always look forward to the abolishment of the infamous district teams.

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