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The Milton Measure

Senior Talk Highlights

by Catie Wise on Friday, June 5th, 2015

On Friday May 15th, 2015, nine seniors and one faculty member, who spoke on behalf of a female student who remained anonymous, gave presentations for the recently created event: Senior Talks. This year’s speakers included Harry August, Jake Daniels, Rick Dionne, Arooshee Giroti, John (Mystic) Glasfeld, Ian Kennedy, Hari Patel, John Sim, Caroline Wall, and Ms. Morin.

Hari Patel: Contrarianism and Integrity

In a brief summary, what was your talk about?

My talk was about contrarianism. This idea is essentially the philosophy that you should challenge the consensus. So, I talked about my articles and stuff like that.

How did you become a part of Senior Talks?

I did the choosing, and this selection basically consisted of sending out an email to my conference. After the responses to the first email came in, I sent out another round of emails to those who volunteered. The decision basically came down to those who followed through and really wanted to give a speech. I knew that Senior Talks had happened last year, so I talked to Ms. Baker because I found the premise to be a really cool idea.

Why did you want to give a talk?

People don’t know why I write those ridiculous articles. I think it was cool to actually speak about it rather than just writing about it once again. How did it feel to be in front of everyone? I haven’t done that much public speaking, so I was a little nervous. I have a pretty big ego, so I wasn’t too nervous about giving it.

Arooshee Giroti: Hope

What was your talk about?

My talk was about how as I have gone through Milton, I put a lot of pressure on myself to achieve certain things, thinking once I got them I would be super happy. I thought after getting through this one thing, I would never be sad again and would wake up optimistic everyday, but that’s just not the case. I always hoped that one person or thing would come into my life and make it ten times better, and I think it’s a problem because hope is a coping mechanism, not a lifestyle.

How did you get the opportunity to give your talk?

I’ve actually always wanted to do this type of thing. I wanted people to know this because it’s a mistake I made, and I want people to learn from it or know about it at least. So, Hari sent out the emails, and I knew for a while I wanted to address the school in some kind of way.

What was the response to your talk?

I talked a lot about my dorm and how all the girls are so supportive…This response sort of backed up my point of how sweet and supportive all of my friends are, and how they really make this place feel like a home.

Anonymous: Eating Disorders (presented by Ms. Morin)

What was the talk about?

I have a student that I see in counseling who decided that she wanted to do a senior talk about her experience with an eating disorder.

How did you get the opportunity to deliver this speech?

This girl had written her whole speech and originally planned to read it on her own. Pretty much the week before, she started feeling overwhelmed, thinking she couldn’t give her speech in a way that wouldn’t leave her too emotional. She really wanted her message and story to be heard. She asked me if I wouldn’t mind reading for her, and I was more than happy to help because I think it was a great story.

What was her story like?

She talked about how she had been outreached her junior year for body image issues. She talked about the judgment she had received externally and how that can really weigh heavily on you when you already have body image issues. Things got worse before they got better. She talked about how she was in the hospital for a period of time and how she took weeks off of school, and then things started to get better.

Why did this student want to give this talk?

I think one reason was definitely to have her story heard, but another reason was to educate those who this same thing could be happening to. She also wanted to address that what you can do as a friend changes the perception of the issue.

How did you feel giving the talk?

I felt wonderful for this kid, and I felt like it was an empowering moment for her. I hope that other people saw it as an empowering moment for themselves too even though I read it, because I think it was really brave for her to say all of what she said.

Jake Daniels: Scrub Moments

What was your talk about?

Living life over-dramatically like it’s a sitcom makes it feel more rewarding.

Why did you want to give a talk?

I went to senior talks last year and the version of it that they had two years ago, and the speeches were always of such a high quality. The environment feels right, where all of your best senior friends who have been with you for a bunch of years come to see you talk about something personally revealing because they like you and want to know more while they still have the chance. I like how it’s casual in that people are sitting on the floor, the windows, couches, etc. and people are shouting things at you after you talk or goofing around in the audience to try and make you break. It seems like your friends are all there to make you feel like you’re important to them.

How did you feel giving your talk and how was the response?

I think I had the shortest talk of the evening by far because I really only had a quick point to make, but I’m glad I got the chance to say something that mattered to me. All of the talks that came after me were so spectacular. My talk referenced the TV show Scrubs as a sort of model for living dramatically. After all the speakers had finished and the room had cleared, a huge group of my close friends wanted to stick around in Straus and watch Scrubs for the first time on the TV, so we did. The night was super meaningful for us all I think, and I wish every night leading up to graduation would be exactly like it in terms of camaraderie.

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