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The Milton Measure

Recruiting at Milton

by Jeremy Gross on Friday, June 5th, 2015

While generally associated with college sports, athletic recruiting also plays a major role in prep school athletics, as many student-athletes are highly sought after by high school coaches for their athletic abilities. However, the question remains: why is athletic recruitment so important? Most prep schools, like Milton, want as many applicants as possible so that the school can accept the best and brightest students into their schools in order to improve their reputations. The best way that Milton can get applicants who are smart, talented, and well-rounded individuals is by being highly successful in many areas including academics, the arts, and of course, sports.

Having impressive programs in all three of these areas is obviously very important for attracting well-rounded students.

Not only is athletic recruiting important for the reputation of the school, but it is also important for providing young athletes with the opportunity to excel in their sport at a highly competitive athletic school in a highly competitive athletic league while also receiving a top notch education. While athletic recruiting generally does result in more competitive and successful teams, this is not always the case. Sometimes too many new athletic recruits can cause a team to struggle, particularly at the beginning of the season, as team chemistry has not yet been built between new players.

When asked about athletic recruiting, Coach Chris Kane, the Boys’ Varsity Soccer Coach, Girls Varsity Squash Coach, and Associate Director of Admission at Milton, said, “we certainly want to have students at the school who get involved and contribute outside of the classroom, but if these students are not also excellent students with excellent character they will not be successful applicants or good additions to our school community.”

Although athletic ability can’t hurt an applicant’s chances of admittance, many other factors go into what makes a student a good fit for Milton. Students who are “recruited” are not taking the spots of other potential applicants; athletic ability is just seen as another factor on a student’s application. Athletic recruiting has little to no downside and can only help the school’s reputation and the success of its athletic programs.

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