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The Milton Measure

Math Symposium a Real Success

by on Friday, May 22nd, 2015

On Friday, May 15th, Milton hosted its first Math Exposition Night from 6 to 8 pm in the lobby of Pritzker. Students from math classes and programming classes of varying levels were invited to share projects they have been working on this year. The presentations were ongoing so that guests could interact with the students and ask questions throughout the evening.

Jacob Aronoff (II): JavaFX, a music player

What is your project about?

“My project is my own version of iTunes and I basically reinvented the wheel for half of it. I made it so it takes in your entire iTunes library so it has all your songs and you also have equalizers… so people who love to play around with music have a much better way to do it.”

How did you come up with this idea?

“Our exam project this year for Advanced Programming was to make a music player. So I made my first version of this program and it was super inefficient and it wasn’t done well and it was surprising that any of it even worked. This version of the program is much more efficient and works well. I understood why my last program worked but it probably shouldn’t have whereas I really understood this program and it took more skill.”

Did you enjoy the process?

“I loved this project; I know I’m going to add in some more cool stuff in the next coming months and continue to work on it.”

Eliza Scharfstein (II): Programming Synthetic Division

What is your project about?

“I programmed syntheic division… it’s a process you can do by hand by inputting the coefficients and the value you are dividing it by and my program does that for you. You put in the polynomial and your divisor and it outputs your answer.”

How did you decide on this topic?

“We learned about synthetic division in class this year and it’s a process that involves a lot of addition and multiplication so its pretty simple math but it can be tedious…I thought back to when I took programming last year and I used what I learned in that class and took those skills and took what I learned about synthetic division this year and combined the two.”

Did you think they should do this exposition night again next year?

“I’ve really enjoyed this DYO process in Math. I think it’s cool to explore something that you wouldn’t have otherwise and it’s cool to share with your peers.”

Isabel Basso (III) (speaking)*: Robotics Obstacle Course

*Partners: Anne Bailey (III) and Ian Rhee (II):

What is your project about?

“We built a robot to use in our competitions it’s a modified version because in the competitions its more complicated and there’s a much bigger set up and so we made a robot and made a mini obstacle course and we’re having people go through and were timing it and the winners get Snack Bar bucks.”

How did you decide to make this robot?

“We found out about this night a few weeks ago so we wanted to do something quick that we knew was going to work. We already had a base to work from, since our competition season is over for this we came together and already had our base so we made a lift that we knew would work and then one of our faculty sponsors—Mr. Hales suggested that we made an obstacle course.”

Did you enjoy the process?

“I think it’s really cool. There’s not really a lot of times where people can come see robotics. We’re in the bottom of the AMC—it’s not really a very public place and our competitions are outside of school.”

Izzy Manuel (II): Knitting in Math

What is your project about?

“In my precalculus class we’ve been doing some knitting, and we learned how to put it on paper first… we sketched out the patterns and sequences and we tried to follow our own instructions and that turned out really we decided to follow a project that we found online of our choice…Then we followed the instruction for that project to make something cool; I made a hat and some people did baby blankets or mittens or socks, Morty (Fearey, Class II) did a phone sock, so basically its all about sequencing. It’s very strict- if you don’t follow it, [your piece] turns out poorly.”

Did you enjoy the process?

“I really hated it at first, almost cried, but now I love it and started to knit all the time.”

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