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The Milton Measure

Apple Watch Review

by Jacob Aronoff on Friday, May 22nd, 2015

Apple’s Tim Cook recently unveiled his first product as CEO : the Apple watch. Its debut model is polished and functional and shows lots of potential.

As soon as you take the watch out of its case, you feel its precision. Made of a strong rubber called elastomer, the band feels comfortable and high quality. The watch screen is a special kind of glass named ionX– the same glass used on NASA space shuttles. Apple does a great job of making the screen look like part of the device and not like an out-of-place piece of glass. Once you pair the watch with your phone, the watch’s screen begins to transform from an amorphous cloud to something resembling an atom. The animations are smooth, despite the screen’s size. Even with a quick glance, you can see all the detail that went into making the watch. These small details are what really makes the Apple Watch special.

The home screen is a bit strange. The new setup is cool, but it takes somchanges take some changes take some getting accustomed to. Finding an app during the first couple of days is a bit difficult because, at this point, non-Apple apps, not yet available on the app store, are all sluggish, while the data takes time to load on the screen. I think one of the most useful features of the watch is Siri and the watch’s microphone and speakers. To respond to a text, you can either use smart, tailored responses or mostly accurate dictation. This system feels very futuristic and is probably one of the watch’s best features. You can also make and answer calls.

Overall, the watch is a great device, though it falls short on some fronts: there is no camera, the battery life could be better, as it lasts only a day), and the app market is sparse—all issues present on the first generation iPhone. I wouldn’t
suggest buying it just yet unless you are dying to have one, though I would bet that the second-generation watch is going to be at least twice as cool. But all in all, the Apple watch sets the bar high for the smart-watch market.

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