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The Milton Measure

The Death of Sensitivity

by Hadley Noble on Friday, April 24th, 2015

As horrible as school shootings are, they have almost ceased to be a surprise. Mass shootings have become a tragic but real part of our lives in this time period of and easy weapon access. The senseless death of innocent citizens should galvanize the public into action to enact change and prevent future shootings. Yet, we have neither changed the way we sell automatic weapons in this country nor attempted to directly prevent school shootings with methods other than lock down drills.

I will concede that there has been major pushback surrounding the availability of automatic weapons and the screening process, or lack thereof, for purchasing weapons. However, if someone wants to purchase a gun today, he can simply fill out a form requesting a gun and will receive one unless he’s currently committed to a mental institution, a fugitive, a convict, a user of controlled substances, convicted of domestic violence, or under indictment for a crime punishable by a year in prison.

With guns so readily available, it is no wonder that disturbed individuals have been able to use them for sinister purposes. With semi-automatic weapons available as well, it is only logical that the frequency of violent crimes and mass shootings has increased in our lifetime.

How can we bring ourselves back to the time when we were shocked that school massacres happened at all instead of only being shocked about the “worst one of the year?” I wonder if it is even possible for our generation to do so. We no longer blink at stories of serial killers; in fact, we find them fascinating. Simply consider the prevalence of violent shows such as Law and Order.

Our response to the recent shooting in Kenya that left 148 college students dead speaks volumes about our society’s concern for such tragedies. This year’s freshmen class is approximately 160 people—that’s only 12 more people than were killed in the shooting. Imagine if the entire freshmen class were brutally murdered because they were Christian in a Muslim country. As the next generation of leaders, we need to make it a goal to talk about these issues in order to remind ourselves and those around us that violence is violence. It never becomes less important or horrific.

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