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Alone at Last: Giving Bruce Jenner His Privacy Back

by on Friday, April 24th, 2015

First, let me just put this out there: I do not keep up with the Kardashians. I do not care whether or not Kim’s buttocks are real. I do not care which rapper Khloe is dating nowadays. Saying what many people would never find the courage to say, Barbara Walters bluntly told the Kardashians how mesmerized she is by the fact that they are so wealthy and successful in the entertainment business with no apparent source of singing, dancing, or acting talent. Sawyer’s interview with matriarch Kris Jenner’s ex-husband, Bruce Jenner, airs today, April 24. Diane Sawyer typically interviews only celebrities who have unique stories to tell (such as Whitney Houston’s drug abuse, Robin Williams’ addiction, etc.). Known for being unforgivingly nosy, Sawyer does not hold back from any interview; she asks outrageous questions that shock both the interviewee and the world.

A thirty second trailer of the interview foreshadows Bruce Jenner finally breaking the silence about the rumors of a transgender process. Because these rumors are unconfirmed, Jenner is referred to by male pronouns in this article, but if he does indeed transition, we will make the appropriate changes in pronouns. The rumors of Jenner’s transformation erupted when InTouch Magazine put a photoshopped photo of Bruce Jenner portrayed with “female features” on its cover. The headlines read, “Bruce’s Story: Life As A Woman.”

The public immediately responded, running with the idea that Jenner was transitioning from man to woman. Paparazzi now constantly post photos of Jenner checking out his hair in the car mirror, wearing red nail polish, and more. What infuriates me most is that the media continue to exploit Jenner’s life, incessantly snapping photos of his personal life. Let the man live.

If Bruce Jenner wishes to become a female, he has the right to do so without society constantly sticking its nose in his business. This April 24th interview with Diane Sawyer will either be a hit or miss, as everything that Jenner says will certainly be analyzed under a very judgmental microscope. I can only hope that Bruce Jenner is finally given the privacy that every human being deserves.

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