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Swiper No Swiping: Is Swipe the Next Yik Yak?

by Katie Berry on Friday, February 6th, 2015

Swipe, one of the newest additions to anonymous social media, has recently worked its way onto Milton’s campus. Members of this app can post anonymous pictures that can be viewed by anyone in the contacts of their phones. The unique aspect of the app is its anonymity; when one posts a picture, his friends cannot see who uploaded it, allowing people to post without revealing their identities.

Head of School Todd Bland views this app much like he did Yik Yak, another anonymous form of social media. He says he “hoped to appeal to people’s better judgment” because he has “confidence in the student body.” Nonetheless, Mr. Bland does believe that the anonymous aspects of Swipe are potentially harmful. Mr. Bland referenced and promoted the philosophy of a Coca-Cola commercial that aired during the Super Bowl, which highlighted the importance of ending hurtful messages and using that energy towards creating unity.

Many students at Milton are frustrated with the way in which some members of our community have utilized this app. Ben Gagnon (I) says, “I believe it is a not good app, and I’m glad to see that it died out after a week.” Like Ben, Sophia Wilson Pelton (III) dislikes Swipe because “people don’t post anything entertaining or funny on it.” On the other hand, Jack Sheehan (III) believes Swipe could “be a good app if used properly as a social media site.”

Regardless of their opinion of the app, students agree that Swipe has often been used as a platform to post hurtful and inappropriate pictures. Ben says that Swipe “is just a place to post chirps at people,” and Connor James (I) acknowledges that “there have been some instances of rude swipes.”

However, despite that so many people in Milton’s community find Swipe to be harmful, the app has received a great deal of hype and popularity. Some believe that its relevance is largely due to the anonymity it provides to posters. Madison Lynch (IV) says, “[Swipe] is similar to Yik Yak in that you can say things about people and no one will know it was you.”

Although Swipe was initially popular on campus, many students believe that the app is dying out. Molly Tong (III) says she had the app but “deleted it within a week and a half.” Similarly, Mark Bodner (III) says, “I recently deleted my Swipe account.” When asked why they decided no longer to participate in this new form of social media, many students shared the same sentiment as Jeremy Gross (II), who believes “nothing good can come from Swipe.”

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