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The Milton Measure

[Editorial] Measurescopes

by on Friday, February 6th, 2015

As we all well know, The Milton Paper recently published an opinion article that sent the student body into a flurry of disagreement. On one side there were supporters who argued for its merits, and on the other was an equally large following of people who were hurt and scandalized by its message. Every member of the community had a unique take on the situation, and, clearly, had no issue with sharing it loudly. Tweets were tweeted, arguments were argued, and club discussions were postponed in fear of verbal rioting.

In many ways, this reception is what makes Milton such a great place in which to be a student journalist. Although we may not agree with The Paper’s message, to point an accusatory finger at them would be to ignore all the commotion that we at The Milton Measure have caused for the Academy. Both of our publications have been pulled aside to discuss our opinions, to be commended, and to be condemned. Therefore, having been both the observers and the observed, we can testify to our community’s diverse interests in current events on both the macro- and micro-scales.

There are few schools in the world where a high school publication’s front-page article, let alone a third-page opinion one, can derail academic classes into conversations completely unrelated to the curriculum. Whereas most schools’ hallways are plastered with unread print, we can use 45 minutes of class time to analyze issues. And it’s not just the newspapers that cause all the trouble. Every speaker that sets foot on this campus , from Chris Herren to Jenny Slate, has his or her speeches dissected and discussed–and it seems like every current event splits the campus into many separate camps. This excitement is even recognized in our schedules: we have weekly Affective Education classes for each grade because the student body is brimming with opinionated, impassioned teenagers who want to be informed.

While some older teachers may accuse our generation of being “excellent sheep,” falling docilely into line with a book in one cloven hoof and a college application in the other, in truth there are few educational communities with as much enthusiasm as ours. We thrive on discourse as much as on formal education in order to learn and grow as individuals. We care about the world around us; we are active in shaping our own lives.

Nearly every school has a student publication, and, sooner or later, that publication will push at the boundaries of its freedom just to see how far it can go. In most places the average student may not even know the name of the school newspaper, which means the fact that we go to a school where people not only notice, but care, goes underappreciated too often. We are a collage of differing opinions and backgrounds; we choose to create the environment we want rather than to sit idly by and shrug off our frustrations. Our school creates students that stand up for what they believe in, and, even if that ruffles some feathers or hurts some feelings, the Academy would not be the same without it.

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