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The Milton Measure

Ready For Hillary?

by Marshall Sloane on Friday, December 5th, 2014

Clinton shrugs off the haters.

The Democratic Party just suffered one of its largest mid-term election defeats in recent memory. The 2014 Midterm Elections shifted control of Congress to the Republican Party, putting the legislative branch at odds with the White House-controlled executive branch. On November 5, news outlets, political analysts, and regular Americans looking towards the 2016 elections had to wonder whether the Democrats would emerge victorious. Many Americans see Hillary Clinton head and shoulders above the rest of the crowd. In 2007, some Americans saw Hillary Clinton as the future president, but, in a matter of months, the most heavily funded, well known, and established candidate saw her lead slip away to up-and-coming senator Barack Obama.

Seven years later, groups across the United States are once again ready to campaign for the candidate they want to see in the Oval Office. Many of her supporters, however, have overlooked the challenges in Clinton’s path to the White House. Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign will not be an easy road, but on Election Day, I predict that she will emerge victorious due to her grassroots network and fundraising capabilities.

From 2008 to 2012, the United States saw the rise of far-right Tea Party factions, primarily due to the Tea Party’s unofficial leader, Ted Cruz. Due to passionate supporters focused on changing America’s political mind-set, the Tea Party emerged. Grassroots campaigning—building a campaign from the bottom up—has always played an important role in U.S. politics, but recently, grassroots campaigning has become even more prominent. Deval Patrick won in Massachusetts and Barack Obama in his quest for the White House by utilizing local communities and volunteers to spread information, fundraise, and inspire voters. Organizations like Ready For Hillary are already organizing supporters and rounding up pledgees for volunteer hours or funds.

Hillary Clinton also understands the importance of women in an election. According to the center for American Women and Politics, 40% to 60% of women younger than 45 did not vote in 2012. Hillary Clinton represents a new era of female campaigning where she plans to target woman in the working class. Women could function as Hillary Clinton’s base in 2016 and allow Hillary Clinton to come out of the gate with a successful grassroots model in place.

Bill and Hillary Clinton have capitalized on their public image to fundraise for candidates and corporations, and the Clintons continue to demonstrate their incredibly successful fundraising abilities. A summer 2014 article in The Wall Street Journal stated that the Clintons had managed to raise $1 billion in 20 years from companies and industry donors and a total of $3 billion from sources including private citizens. Many of the funds came as a result of the Clinton’s various personal connections within the Democratic Party.

With Hillary Clinton gaining the support from the Democratic Party’s major fundraisers, I can assume she will possess the deepest pockets when investing in an increasingly expensive media market. With Hillary Clinton receiving funding and endorsement from party leaders, her preliminary opponents within her party will be forced to look elsewhere in the primary. With her mounting support and well mastered fundraising and campaigning skills and strategies, it already seems clear that Hillary Clinton will be the front-runner in the coming Democratic primary.

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