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The Milton Measure

The Obsession with Bicolor

by on Friday, October 17th, 2014

In our constant obsession with technology, we all seem to have that one addictive game that we can’t seem to ignore. No matter what time it is or where we are, we feel the overbearing need to pick up our mobile devices and play this game until we feel accomplished—or distracted by something else. One game in particular has become that obsessive game for many people: Bicolor. The game’s popularity is evident, as it boasts a five-star rating on the iTunes AppStore Charts as well as many critical reviews that praise the app’s intriguing features. The game’s objective is simple: get rid of all the different colored blocks in order to obtain a screen of one main color. In one round, for example, the screen may consist of a red color background with several tan blocks placed in random spots. To win, one must move these tan blocks until they disappear. However, what makes this game interesting is the fact that the player is only given a limited number of times to remove the tan blocks. If the player fails to unify the screen under a solid color with these constraints, he or she must repeat the level.

My first impression of Bicolor was that it was too easy. However, after playing for a while, I realized just how wrong I was. The game cleverly tests one’s spacial intelligence by forcing the player to calculate the most efficient method of destroying the tan blocks given the number attempts available within the level. To be quite frank, when I win one of the levels, I leave the app feeling like a modern-day Albert Einstein. The game is incredibly difficult and addictive to the point that my attempts to explain its objective to my friends fry my brain. I firmly believe that a person cannot fully understand the game and its purpose until he or she downloads the app. I strongly suggest that you download the game if you desire a legitimate challenge. I promise you that the 99¢ and the hours of time you invest in the game will be worth it.

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