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The Milton Measure

SGA Plans for the Future

by Catie Wise on Friday, October 3rd, 2014

Over the past two Thursdays, Milton’s Student Governing Association hosted meetings to discuss two topics. The first idea, brought up by our two Head Monitors, Louie Demetroulakos (I) and Caroline Wall (I), was to group students into “District Teams,” similar to last year’s Olympus Teams but executed differently. The second idea, discussed on September 18, was to “broaden the discussion” about Dress Code policies at Milton.

The district team idea separates students into around 44 groups of about 16 students. To balance the number of upperclassmen and underclassmen, Louie and Caroline plan to have four students from each grade in each group, evenly distributed between boys, girls, day students, and boarders. Each group will have its own senior leader who will be able to pick which seniors are a part of their team. The rest of the members will be chosen regarding only class and gender.

Recognizing that last year’s “Olympic Teams” did not meet very often, the SGA intends for the district teams to meet once a month and for every team to have their own spot on campus. Te Palandjian (III), who attended the SGA meeting, believes that the district team idea is “a better idea than last year’s because it’s more about connecting with students than…the games themselves [because]… they’re smaller, more intimate groups.”

Caroline Wall has confidence that her district team idea will also be an “effective way to gather opinions whenever debates arise, to get a summary of thoughts around campus.”

Louie and Caroline hope to introduce even more ideas throughout the school year. Caroline says the SGA is trying to “implement a junior-freshman buddy system, even though it might be up and running later than anticipated this year.” Louie says that among their other ideas, the head monitors intend “to have an upperclassmen-go-down-to-the-lower-level-of-the-Stu day, to start a Spirit Squad for sporting events, and to have fun!”

The second topic that came up at the SGA meeting involved the dress code policies at Milton. Discussion surrounding the dress code has been quite prominent throughout the school, especially following the events that occurred towards the end of last year, and has become a very controversial issue. Mr. Ruiz believes that this conversation is necessary because, as a community, “[we need] to think about the number of things that we do and why we do them.”

The concept of creating a stricter dress code, according to Mr. Ruiz, is partially related to the outside world and its trends. Mr. Ruiz offers that “with changes in fashion and trends, [he] thinks it’s always important to take a look at where we are, and we have to take into account what’s out there and looking at us as a community.” The SGA is only discussing the future for the dress code, and Mr. Ruiz made it clear that they are only “thinking how to make adjustments if we decide that we need to.”

Mack Mackishima (II) admitted that the topic of a new dress code is a “tricky one to have because there are many different opinions, and people have different viewpoints on what they’re comfortable with or not.” He adds, “If it is going to affect how people perform at this school, then it is a very necessary conversation to have.”

The ideas that came up in the SGA meeting last Thursday exemplify the SGA’s dedication to the current issues in our community. By creating new teams aimed at uniting grades and working together to facilitate a respectful dress-code conversation, the SGA hopes to satisfy the requests of both the student body and the administration.

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