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The Milton Measure

Is the Royal Family Lacking Luster?

by Emma Martin on Friday, October 3rd, 2014

As if the buzz for baby Prince George wasn’t enough, the British Royal Family announced on September 8th that Duchess Kate Middleton is pregnant yet again. Though Kate is not very far along in her pregnancy, the rumors are already swirling about the baby’s sex and name. In addition, OK Magazine recently released an article that speculated that the Duchess might actually be pregnant with two siblings for Prince George – twins!

A veteran to the royal spotlight, Duchess Kate has continued to be the center of not only English pop culture but American pop culture too. Now, her son Prince George steals the show with his adorable looks and charming smile.

On April 29th, 2011, the entire world watched as Prince William exchanged “I do’s” with his then fiancé, Kate Middleton. Three years later, is America still as endlessly fascinated and entertained by the appealing lives of the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge?

Newsweek magazine released some interesting and somewhat shocking data from a recent poll taken of people all around the United Kingdom. The poll, which was conducted with responses from an equal amount of males and females, asked participants to rank their favorite royals numerically. Despite her constant popularity and appearance in the media, Kate wasn’t placed first. Or second. Or third. She was placed fourth, after Prince Harry, the Queen, and her darling husband, Prince William, respectively.

Kate specifically was highlighted in this poll as not being very relatable and unentertaining. Certainly, Kate and Will don’t seem to have the same appeal and drama that some of America’s A-List couples, such as Kimye, Brangelina, and Beyoncé and Jay Z have created. Instead of elevator fights and reality TV shows, the Duke and Duchess lack the drama and suspense that we see with our personal favorite power-couples.

Even though this data may reflect the public’s feelings towards the royals in the UK, do similar feelings exist here in the United States? How does Kate, the gorgeous and famous face that consistently graces the covers of countless magazines, fall behind three of her royal family members? The results of England’s poll could suggest that the general population might be bored with Kate. Even her announcement of her second pregnancy didn’t seem to stir up half of the buzz that her first pregnancy did. Maybe, the citizens of the UK feel unable to connect to Kate anymore because her ‘commoner’ status has been replaced with the seemingly arrogant ‘Duchess of Cambridge’ title.

Almost four years ago, the world was fascinated with the real-life Cinderella story that is Will and Kate, but now, after marriage and the start of a family, the love story seems to be losing its spark. Maybe, the fairytale has outlived its shelf life.Though the world will still be anxiously awaiting the arrival of another royal baby (or babies!), the buzz will continue to surround the baby’s older brother, Prince George.

Though many certainly still envy Kate’s closet and beauty, it seems that the royal life doesn’t have the same appeal as it once did. Though we would all love to look and dress like Kate Middleton, it seems that she hasn’t quite made herself out to be the most appealing or interesting royal. Prince Harry’s 30th birthday earlier this past month just may have surpassed the Royals’ pregnancy announcement, at least in the UK if not also in the USA…

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