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The Milton Measure

Taylor Swift Shakes It Up

by on Friday, September 19th, 2014

Have you ever been through a depressing experience? Whether it be constant arguments with no-good exes or lonely feelings from being stuck studying all weekend, we, as teenagers, have all experienced emotional setbacks. When these crises occur in my own life, I usually listen to a playlist I call “Emotional Wreck.” This playlist consists of passionate music by singers such as Adele and Sam Smith. One artist that stands out among this lineup is Taylor Swift. Three of my personal favorites are “You Belong With Me,” “We are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” and her latest hit “Shake It Off.” After hearing Swift’s most recent songs, one might be surprised to recall that this artist’s career began with and solely relied on for a number of years, country music.

Coming from country music and entering into another genre is generally very difficult for a modern artist, but what makes this transition so difficult? Why is it that society tends to restrict a musician’s work and consequently constricts her personality and lifestyle? Frankly, I don’t have a concrete answer for these questions; however, I do know that Taylor Swift’s career shift from country music to pop music has been both unexpected and highly commendable. Swift has bravely stepped out of her comfort zone in order to expand her musical abilities and attend to new audiences. At the same time she has not forgotten who she is and why her fans adore her. In her latest music video, “Shake It Off,” she dances horrifically, yet she accepts her flaws and thus doesn’t try to hide her inability to her fans, adding to her ever-growing popularity.

Taylor Swift sends a strong message to her audience. She believes individuals should never stick to one ambition or style even if it seems the most beneficial. She promotes that achievement can be found by stepping out of the box and redefining one’s norm. More importantly, Swift also conveys the concept that society should not define a person’s actions based on their past experiences. If Taylor Swift wishes to maneuver her music career into the pop industry, then she should go for it regardless of expectations.

We should look at Taylor Swift’s music alternation as inspiration to go beyond the boundaries that society instills upon us. I’m not suggesting that you should show up to the Back to School Dance or spring Onyx Dance and start twerking or attempt to imitate Michael Jackson’s dance moves in the middle of the dance floor, just because Taylor Swift did. However, I am suggesting that you go out to a new club meeting or try a new sport because the opportunities at Milton are bountiful and endless. In the end, if someone makes jokes about your venture to try something new, just shake it off; after all, “the players are gonna play, and the haters are gonna hate.”

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