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The Milton Measure

Promposals Take Campus by Storm

by Kate Higgins on Friday, June 6th, 2014

It’s that time of the year again… promposal season, that is. Students go about their daily lives on campus, eyes always peeled in hopes of witnessing an epic prom proposal (a.k.a. promposal). In recent years, even beyond Milton, promposals have become more popular and competitive. Teenagers everywhere are vying to come out on top with the most elaborate and unforgettable promposal. Milton Academy has seen a wide range of impressive promposals which began almost a month and a half before May 31, the date of the Senior Prom.

Who could forget Claire Russell (I), backed up by Epic, serenading Rush Hogan (III) at recess with her own rendition of John Legend’s “All of Me”? The performance was received very well by the student body and, more importantly, by Rush himself. The Student Center erupted into a chorus of “oohs” and “aahs” when the serenade ended and Rush accepted Claire’s invitation to prom.

JJ Dunn (I) adopted a similarly musical approach. He and several Forbes boys showed up at the doorstep of Robbins one Tuesday night after check-in. “Wonderwall” by Oasis was playing out of a set of speakers and the rest of the Forbes boys were holding candles and signs that spelled out “P-R-O-M?”. Tapley Eaton (I) leaned out of the window of her room and, after JJ asked if she would go to prom with him, called down, “I will!”

Some seniors chose humor. Kaitlin Gately (I) asked Alex Vivado (II) to prom by giving him a personal cheese pizza with the words “prom… or is this too cheesy?” written inside the box. Charlie Blasberg (I), not one to be outdone, asked Shira Golub (I) by placing a fake ticket from Campus Safety on her windshield. He dressed up as a police officer and even had Campus Safety in on his plans. Equally surprising was Jack Urquhart’s (I) hiding himself in an enormous wrapped box and popping out as a “Jack-in-the-box” to ask Abby Lebovitz (I) to prom during her tennis practice.

Kendall Hall (I), similarly, asked Mr. Reddicks to call Nick Tupanjanin (III) into his office for a meeting. Mr. Reddicks pretended he knew of some heinous deed that Nick had committed on one of the overnight trips during the basketball season. Mr. Reddicks would not stop until Nick confessed, although—at least to the Measure’s knowledge— Nick had nothing to confess to. Mr. Reddicks continued to interrogate Nick until he finally told Nick he had only one more question—and Kendall popped out from under Mr. Reddicks’ desk to ask Nick to prom. Of course, he accepted.

These are just a few tales of the art of promposing. Practically every day during the month of May, when I checked Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, one of my friends had posted a photo of yet another promposal. Creative prom proposals have become an overwhelming trend all over in recent years, redefining a generation that has been presumed unromantic and unwilling to put its hearts on the line. The Class of 2014 has set the bar pretty high with their public, unforgettable promposals. Will the Class of 2015 rise to the challenge next year?

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