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Hey Big Lou, I want to get a nice tan this summer, what should I do?

by on Friday, May 16th, 2014

Hey Big Lou, I want to get a nice tan this summer, what should I do? – Anonymous

“As a fellow tanning enthusiast, I dwell on this question daily. Getting your hide ready for summer will involve a lot of work, but the payoff of an emerald smooth, Athenian gold tan is well worth the effort. In order to be inclusive, I begin with sun protection tips for a plethora of different skin colors, and then I will go through the tanning process. For those with pale skin, applying a liberal amount of sun screen is going to be the key first step. I suggest SPF 30 or above, because you will still get tan but will not have to worry about burning. For those with ebony skin, applying a lower SPF sunscreen will allow for full vitamin D absorption. For those with medium toned skin, using a lower SPF sunscreen is to your advantage. Now to the tanning process! To begin, you should exfoliate your skin. Rubbing off the dead skin cells from the outer layer of skin will make your tan last longer. After you have exfoliated, apply sunscreen or tanning oil smoothly over your body. Make sure you cover spots such as the trapezius major and the nape of the neck, as these can burn easily. Let the sunscreen or tanning oil absorb for fifteen minutes before heading outside. When finding a spot to tan, you need to find a strategic angle for prime sun absorption. Ideally, you will lie so that the sun is directly over your body. I like to put music on while I tan — I suggest a smooth jazz or Chinese flute soundtrack. The key to getting a good tan is to lie still. If you are constantly shifting around, your tan will end up being uneven. While soaking in the sun, remember to stay relaxed. Breathe in and out slowly and just close your eyes. I suggest starting with twenty minutes and then gradually adding more time day after day. Have fun with it!! Tanning can be boring, but if you draw a smiley face with your sunscreen or have a conversation with the sun, tanning can be loads of fun. After you finish tanning, drink a lot of water to restore fluid to your skin. I suggest taking a shower and then applying lotion to your skin. If you need a good tan in a day, spray tanning is awesome and works like a charm. I hope my advice was helpful and always remember to stay cool, have fun, and soak up the sun.”

Your Bud,
Big Lou

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