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The Milton Measure

[Editorial] Why We Measure Up

by The Milton Measure on Friday, May 16th, 2014

As summer approaches, we as an Editorial Board have taken the opportunity to consider our community’s diligent work this year. Maintaining focus in an environment that is, as a consequence of our busy schedules, brutally demanding tests our ability to deliver our personal best, whether it be in the classroom, on the field, or under the bright lights of King. Time is all too often referred to as the focal point of Milton life, as a scarce entity that we each strive to possess. So why should you, with all the work you have to do this weekend, spend your Friday morning reading our publication (the back page does not constitute a publication in and of itself)?

Inevitably, our endless race against the clock concentrates our attention to specific areas of focus, and many times we lose the chance to broaden our perspectives on various matters inside and outside of school that are transforming our world daily. Comprised of an eclectic group of students whose interests range far beyond journalism, we as an Editorial Board understand that academics, sports, and extracurricular activities regularly demand students’ full attention. However, Miltonian intensity often results in such a narrow outlook that we are left with a severely limited understanding of what is truly important.

In a few weeks, on graduation day, you’ll undoubtedly hear seniors exclaiming, “Wow, that went by so quickly” or “I still feel like a freshman!” Dragging yourself through the last quarter of your first, second, or third year at Milton, you might feel as though the end of your high school career will never come; perhaps it won’t be until your graduation day that you start to realize how brief your time at this institution was. However, if you spend your years here focused on only academics, only sports, or only extracurricular activities, you might miss out on what should be an integral part of every high school experience: the community around you. The simple act of reading a review of our annual film festival or a compilation of your classmates’ reactions to the recent Wednesday assembly gives you a moment to step back from your unwavering focus and connect with your home away from home.

Some of the more daunting and apparently unrelatable topics to high school students that we cover at the Measure are issues facing our modern world. The civil war in Syria, Flight 370, the United States’ intervention in Iran – all these concerns seem so detached from our daily lives at Milton that it is easy to adopt a couldn’t-care-less attitude towards them; after all, conducting research and developing one’s own opinions on a subject take a considerable amount of time and effort, two valuable resources that many Milton students feel they simply can’t spare. Here at the Measure, we do the hard work for you. Our publication is dedicated to presenting these deceptively distant topics in the most accessible manner, tying every issue, no matter how remote, back to Milton. In the same way that this community is a significant aspect of your high school experience, global issues are a significant aspect of your life, and we do not want you to miss out on them during your time here simply because you do not have the time or the topics themselves appear inaccessible. So what better source to make them accessible than one written by your peers – the people who sit next to you in class, who chat with you in the Stu, and who will ultimately define your high school experience?

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