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The Milton Measure

Editorial From the CII Board

by The Milton Measure on Friday, May 16th, 2014

(May 26, 1996)

“Well, the Boat Dance was an event that happened oh so long ago; however, as The Paper so aptly noted, we at The Milton Measure are always behind on the news because we come out only bi-weekly. We thank The Paper for noting that the rate of publication offers such diversity to the school, and we couldn’t possibly start coming out weekly because it would sacrifice our glorious traditions. I digress. As I was saying, the Boat Dance didn’t leave a lasting impression on too many.
This year, we were blessed with a bigger boat – with windows. It’s a funny thing when people decide that saran wrap can admirably pass for glass. Anyway, we met in front of Wigg as a class – unified – and we all piled into big, smelly, yellow school buses and left for the docks. It was about 40 below, and most of us had these flimsy dresses that contained about ten square inches of cloth. Yeah, it was really fun traipsing down the aisle of the bus with our little spiked heels, too. Did I mention it was pouring rain? It was.
So we arrive at the dock in the midst of a whipping-wet east wind, and were greeted by a bunch of weird skater people who laughed and pointed at our funny looking preppy clothes. Then we saw THE BOAT. At first, we couldn’t decide whether it was a barge, a whale-watcher, or a tuna boat. As we entered the cruise liner, Dave Rand (II) asked, “Is the dance floor where they kept the parked cars during the ferry ride?”
Pretty soon, the boat revved its huge engines and we backed away from civilization. The first floor was the only bearable place to stand, and there were approximately three chairs for all two hundred of us. The high winds caused small tsunamis, and the boat tipped from side to side. Of course, if you tipped in any direction, you’d be accosted by some teacher smelling your breath for an illicit substance.
The music downstairs was horrific. The DJ’s had a VERY limited collection and seemed to play “I Want to Get Freaky With You” over and over and over. However, there was a bright spot in the evening: from 9 to 10, it was free soda hour. Meg Riley (II) did some stirring NKOTB renditions, and Rasheed Parham (I) danced with a corsage that would provide plenty shade for the whole Upper School.
After we circled Boston Harbor 800 times, the fumes from the diesel fuel had regurgitated into the dancing area, and many began to faint from carbon monoxide poisoning. There were screams of “get me off this boat!” courtesy of Paige Garran (II). When the wild and crazy ride came to an end, we got to park next to another fishing-boat and jump from our boat to their boat and then swim to the dock. All in all, despite the cold and the funny smells from the Harbor and the even funnier-smelling boat crew, the Boat Dance was a lot more fun than, say, the Sewage Treatment Plant Dance – Milton High already had that booked.”

By Frances Tilney ’96

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