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Day and Boarding Monitors Prepare for New Term

by Jacob Aronoff on Friday, May 16th, 2014

Next school year, our community will experience a shift in not only Head Monitor leadership; Matthew Langen (II) and Lexi Allen (II) were recently elected as the new Day Monitors, and Bobby Gilmore (II) and Allison Choi(II) were elected as the new Boarding Monitors.

Two weeks ago, during a morning assembly, the day student community elected Matt, who hails from Dover, and Lexi, a Stoughton resident who is currently on Student Year Abroad in France, as its new day monitors. These leaders will be tasked with coordinating day student breakfasts, day gear, and a few surprises that they plan to implement. Referencing his plans for next year, Matt said, “Right off the bat, day gear needs to be better, specifically design and distribution.”

Lexi and Matt believe that a key ingredient in being a good Day Monitor is unifying the day student community. Lexi said, “I know that day students don’t have as much unity as the borders, because it’s harder when we don’t live together. I want to make sure that day students know they have a voice in the community.” Both Day Monitors would like to see more cohesion between day students and boarders. Matt stated, “What it all comes down to is time. Day students are always at school during the day during free periods, but boarders can go back to their dorms. Then, at night, when all the boarders hang out, day students are back at their houses.” Matt believes that one of the best traditions of the boarding community is Dorm Dodgeball, and he would love to inaugurate a tradition equally as special for day students. Lexi loves the idea of “having competitions between the day students and the borders. I think also that outside of school we could have groups based on where we live [as] a better way to get to know those who live close to you.”

The boarding monitors, Bobby and Allison, also cannot wait to get to work. They believe an integral part of boarding life is getting to know the other boarders. “[Some boarders] know only their dorm-mates and no one else. I want to make sure that everyone gets to know everyone else,” said Bobby. “If we can get people to love being a border, then we have accomplished [our goal] as boarding monitors. My goal is to make sure that everyone will miss being a border when they leave.” Bobby believes that events like hot chocolate nights urge students out of the dark corners of their dorms make boarding life much more exciting. He said, “We’d like to make sure that everyone loves their school year. It’s also a big goal of mine to get food in the dorm consistently, so that if borders are hungry at night, they can grab a quick bite to eat.”

Allison believes that Dorm Dodgeball games are the biggest events of the year; however, she also feels that the games got a little too heated this year. She wants to make sure that “Dorm Dodgeball is fun and that next year we go into it with an attitude of sportsmanship. That’s definitely an activity that I don’t want spoiled. I think it would be cool to have dorm dodgeball between brother and sister dorms. There are different combinations that could really be fun.”

It is clear that the new day and boarding monitors cannot wait to greet the responsibilities of their new positions with great enthusiasm, as they have already come up with many innovative ideas. Working in conjunction with each other, they are sure to make the 2014-2015 school year one that is exciting, fun, and memorable for day students and boarders alike.

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