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Hey Lou, I have very bad allergies, and I don’t want my sicknesses to affect my schoolwork. What should I do?

by Louie Demetroulakos on Friday, April 25th, 2014

My friend, allergies can really get you down, but if you have the right attitude you will not be defeated. If you feel that sneeze crawling up your nose, you need to stop, take a deep breath, and loudly assert, “Sneeze, get away from me!” Your sneeze should slowly begin to recede, and you can keep walking tall because you know that allergies will not defeat you. It is important to get an extra hour of sleep every night during allergy season. Sleep will help give your immune system rest so that it can better fight allergies. You would probably get the same advice from your pediatrician, but the importance of sleep cannot be downplayed. When you wake up in the morning, you should eat a lot of fruit and especially vitamin C. Those vitamin C packets work like a gem. Make sure that you get a healthy mixture of all five food groups, because the combination will destroy the illness. As far as the rest of your day is concerned, you need to get a lot of exercise. Clearing out your lungs and getting fresh air is vital to controlling your breathing. I suggest having at least nine cups of water a day. You need to have lots of fluids in order to flush out mucus. One little trick I love is to watch a funny movie and laugh as loud as you can. Often, laughter can help to clear your system and leave you feeling refreshed. As far as schoolwork is concerned, you need to have the attitude of a champion if you want to succeed. Allergies will make homework difficult, but you can’t get down on yourself. Despite how difficult it may seem at certain times, keep your head up. Studies have shown that keeping a positive attitude can really improve your overall health. While allergies are incurable, you can control them and continue living your life to its fullest. I strongly encourage you to take mental control of your sickness. Believe, and constantly tell yourself that the allergies will not bring you down. The unfortunate reality is that, although my advice may help you, seeing your doctor and getting some medicine is a smart step. The bottom line is that while an allergy may bring you down and leave you feeling weak, it can not and will not defeat you. You have the power to produce your best schoolwork in spite of your allergies, and I truly believe you can do it. As always, stay strong and be a victor. As Virgil says, durate et vosmet rebus servate secundis, in English that means “carry on and preserve yourself for better times.”

Your bud,
Big Lou

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