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The Milton Measure

Faculty Spotlight: The Class I Deans

by on Friday, April 25th, 2014

Four days a week, Class I students head to assembly to start their days and are instantly greeted by the smiling faces of their class deans, Mr. Beauchemin and Ms. Reiser. These prominent figures on campus spend their time at Milton as a Technology Services member and the Director of Student Activities, respectively. However, their impact on the student body extends far beyond these titles.

In addition to their responsibilities to the senior class, both deans hold positions significant to other grades. During the winter season, Mr. Beauchemin spends his afternoons coaching the Boys’ Basketball team alongside Head Coach Mr. Reddicks. Ms. Reiser meanwhile is always involved in student life around campus, working with SAA to plan all of the fun activities that are available year round.

Mr. Beauchemin has been at Milton for eleven years now, and although he has had opportunities to leave, he remains faithful to this community, because he truly enjoys his job. His favorite aspect of the Milton community includes “the diversity and range of interests that students bring to the table and the connections that you make.” These conversations often begin on “Chipotle Tuesdays,” when Mr. Beauchemin takes the orders of any willing student and invites them for lunch in his office. Mr. Beauchemin names this tradition as one of his favorite parts of Milton, saying, “I do look forward to Chipotle Tuesdays and spending time with the students that come in for lunch. It’s a lot of laughing and the conversations really span a wide range of topics.”

Mr. Beauchemin does not find much free time during his typical days, as his desk is filled with tempting candy stockpiles that bring frequent visitors. Ashley Adelberg (III) said she first met Mr. Beauchemin through his candy, recalling, “I stayed in [his office] for three straight periods and demolished an entire supply of airheads.”

But students do not go to Mr. Beauchemin’s office only if they are feeling a little hungry. Erika Lamere (II) commented that when faced with a problem, “Mr. B tells you how it is, with no bull. His office is always open and welcoming… [and] he is always willing to help out.” Jack Karle (I), a member of Beauchemin’s basketball team, agreed,“stopping in his office during the day has been a routine that has stuck with me for the past three years. Just being able to go in and talk to him about any issues I have with school or basketball or anything in between.”

Ms. Reiser’s day-to-day routine is similar to Beauchemin’s, as there is never a lonely moment. Although Ms. Reiser is in charge of bringing happiness to students through fun on-campus activities, her friendly and welcoming attitude alone seems to spread joy to those around her. Every morning as she checks-in seniors, Ms. Reiser is smiling and eager to start conversation. “I enjoy getting to know so many unique, talented and diverse young people,” she said. “I am lucky to say that I wake up every day excited to go to work!” Ms. Reiser is never afraid to join the students throughout the day as she loves “just chatting/laughing with students in the Stu.” Ms. Reiser took her assimilation to the student body to a new level at the C2R dance party last year, saying, “I believe most of the class busted a move, and I am pretty sure I cut some rug myself!”

Ms. Reiser takes on an important role of maintaining a fun atmosphere on campus regardless of the time of year or attitude of students. Along with the help of SAA, Reiser is constantly working on innovative ideas just to make students’ lives a little better. Rilan Cobb (II), a member of the SAA board, noted, “No matter how much stress she is under, whether she is putting together a large weekend activity or trying to come up with ideas for future events, she constantly gives off an impression of enthusiasm and energy.” Morgan O’Connell (I), SAA Head, agrees with Cobb’s praise, saying, “She is honest and practical when SAA encounters obstacles. She leads SAA with the kind of irreplaceable positive, fun attitude that most teachers don’t have, especially when dealing with 20 rowdy SAA kids. She cares about every kid at Milton so much.”

These deans are not only co-workers but also friends. Mr. Beauchemin affectionately said, “I am very lucky that I get to work with Mrs Reiser as well— we balance each other out pretty well. We have become good friends, because of our work partnership. And it’s nice to work with someone my own size for a change.”

As seniors begin to leave the school and Mr. Beauchemin and Ms. Reiser must say goodbye, the two leave Class I with their own pieces of advice that the whole school should take into consideration. Mr. Beauchemin gave four important life lessons: “Firstly, needs and wants—learn the difference in your relationships. Secondly, find something that you love to do and own it. Basketball, painting, writing, whatever. Thirdly, effort and attitude are what you can control in life. Finally, mistakes don’t have to be fatal, but patterns can be.” Ms. Reiser shared her advice as well, saying, “Always remember to pay thanks and embrace those experiences that don’t always go according to plan… You never know what gifts are waiting in the surprises.”

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