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The Milton Measure

[Editorial] A Farewell To Arms

by on Friday, April 25th, 2014

In a “Letter from the Editors” published in our second issue, we made many promises as to what we, the CXIX Editorial Board, would achieve this year in our pursuit of bettering this publication. We stated that we would try to make readers experience our articles, that we wanted to give them a different perspective on relevant issues, and, most importantly, that we were “committed to spicing up the Milton Measure.”

And we did just that. However, although the presentation of our pieces in the “dynamic fashion” that we guaranteed managed to land us in some hot water (alright, a lot of hot water), we learned the capacity our journalism has to impact the local community through crossing lines and taking risks. Maybe you wanted to personally shred every copy of that November 22nd issue, or maybe you wanted to personally shred every member of the Editorial Board, but the point is, you wanted to do something.

Learning the weight that our print can carry has become just one of the aspects of the memorable experiences we’ve developed in our roles here on the Measure. Countless times we’ve all been asked why we spend our evenings, weekends, and free periods all to put out a twelve-page paper of which everybody only reads the back page. Living through the great moments on campus is one thing, while having the privilege to etch the story into Milton’s history is another. As writers and editors, we not only have the opportunity to have a front-row seat as Milton’s story unfolds, but we also have a responsibility to deliver the tenor and intricacies of each event–a responsibility that we have come to view as a privilege. Putting out the story of the Mustangs’ journey to the Tom Flaherty Bowl and publishing the heroic actions of Mr. Pratt as he saved a life using the Heimlich maneuver are the stories that keep us writing.

As the current Editorial Board’s tenure draws to an end, we have discussed that what we will miss most is not just the words we write, but the people we write them with. We started this year as a group of eight acquaintances, united in the pursuit of upholding a high standard of high school newspaper writing. However, through the stressful late nights, misprinted issues, and many rewritten articles, we have come together to experience a multitude of laughs, lessons, and truly unforgettable moments.

Although we are sad to bring this grueling and rewarding journey to a close, we are excited to pass the torch on to the CXX Editorial Board. We only hope that they’ll be able to extract the same unique experiences from these jobs that we did. We can’t wait to see what amazing touches this group of ten juniors will add to next year’s Measure. Good luck to you all, and don’t forget to keep “spicing it up.”

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