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The Milton Measure

[Editorial] Taking a Second to Say Thanks

by The Milton Measure on Friday, March 7th, 2014

Having spent between three and thirteen years at Milton, we as an editorial board have grown to call Milton a second home; however, the multitude of transformative experiences that we’ve all undergone here would not have been possible without the hard work of Milton’s heros: the people who help things run smoothly on campus, who have improved the quality of each day at school. To the campus safety officers that allow us to stay in the computer labs late at night, to the maintenance staff that plows the sidewalks so we can make our way to class in the winter, to the Flik staff who ensure that we have a variety of lunch options everyday: we want to say thank you.

Walk around the student center after recess. Look at Forbes after sixth period ends. Milton students, who take pride in being classy and respectful, tend to act with disregard for this school and those who work in it. There are so many people whose work on this campus is necessary for our comfortable lives here, and we’ve become increasingly ignorant of these vital members of the community. Moreover, we are often so myopically consumed that we make the work for the faculty and staff here at Milton even more difficult. Milton students may be smart, hard-working, and determined, but even those qualities are diminished by the egocentric attitude Milton students carry around.

Where did this absence of appreciation begin? We are so caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday Milton life that we forget to notice the little things that help make going to school here possible. In bearing the burdens of extracurriculars, schoolwork, leadership, we may not even realize the people who work behind the scenes to help things run smoothly. Not to mention, we fail to take an extra minute to brighten the days of those people.

The campus safety officers that direct traffic during big school games and events, the ATS staff that have set up the vast electronics system at this school, the maintenance crew that plows the walkways so we can get to class in the winter: all of these people work hard to improve aspects of Milton’s physical and educational environment, yet we barely take the time to acknowledge them.

We’re proposing a change in attitude. Take the time to recognize all the aspects of your day that couldn’t have been done without the help of someone on campus, because you’ll notice a lot. Biweekly, we try to direct your attention towards the work of a faculty or staff member who seems to fly under the radar, “spotlighting” their addition to the Milton community. Engaging in a couple of minutes of conversation, picking up the trash on the floor, and even dropping a quick thanks to the men and women who keep Milton running–these small choices can reflect infinitely better on our character as students and might brighten the day of a hard working Milton employee. Until we start to appreciate the hard work of Milton’s many under-appreciated staff members, we can’t be truly dedicated to the community. So, take the time to notice the people who help make life at Milton as carefree as it is.

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