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The Milton Measure

The Celtics Should Lose, and Lose Now!

by on Friday, February 7th, 2014

“Tank? The Celtics shouldn’t tank! The fans deserve better, and the Boston Celtics are a proud organization,” say the everyday, classic Celtics basketball sports fans. This thinking portrays how little fans know. I say, “TANK, TANK, TANK!”

To win the NBA Championship, a team doesn’t win with a bunch of average players. That’s just not how the league works anymore. That is why the NBA is different than the NFL and MLB, where teams without star players can still contend. There have been a multitude of teams in those leagues that did not have that superstar, but still won championships. A perfect example was the 2001 Patriots: a team that had a core of solid players, before Brady was the star quarterback that he is today (and before he was the coolest guy on earth with the supermodel wife and the movie star looks. Well, he still had the looks.) This team was also before Bill Belichick was established as the greatest football mind to ever grace the sidelines; he was just an average coach that had been run out of Cleveland. The point is that the NBA is one of the only leagues where it is virtually impossible to win big without big time players.

Look around the NBA, teams with the superstars win and win a lot. Take, for example, the last few decades of championship teams. Each team has had that superstar player or a collection of All-Stars. The Bulls had Pippen and Jordan. The Lakers had Magic and Kareem first, then Shaq and Kobe. Now, the Heat have Wade, Bosh, and James. The Celtics don’t have that star. Rajon Rondo is not a star. Rondo is a good second option but does not have the point-producing ability of somebody you want as your key contributor. He is a player that benefited greatly from having the Big Three around him for so many years. Meanwhile, Jeff Green, the starting forward for the Celtics, is just a scrub who seems to show up only a few minutes at a time during games. The Celtics need to lose and need to lose now in order to get a top lottery pick. Quite frankly, it won’t be hard for them to lose either, because each day they are taking more and more talent off the roster. To tank a season, a team must fully commit to the idea, and the Celtics have been, a fact that every Boston sports fan should be thanking the basketball gods for. The Celtics have already traded away Jordan Crawford and Courtney Lee. Rondo should be the next one sent away in a trade for a complete new look and clean slate in 2014-2015.

The Boston Celtics are a team that used to consistently put up championship banners in the rafters of the TD Garden. Anybody who thinks the Celtics should not tank does not quite understand the dynamic of the modern-day NBA and the concept of building a long-term winning core. If you want the Celtics to win now and acquire some run-of-the-mill players, well… enjoy rooting for a team that will jockey for the 8th seed in the East for the next five years. If you’re a Celtics fan who is content with their making the playoffs year in and year out without ever possessing a true chance at winning a championship, then, I say don’t tank and find some decent players. However, most Celtics fans want banners, not just Atlantic division championships. The best route to long-term winning is to sink this ship faster than the Titanic.

The only person I truly feel bad for is head coach Brad Stevens. No coach wants to lose games, nor be on a tanking team— especially Stevens, a coach who brought Butler— yes Butler— to two straight National Championship games. His cool demeanor, well calculated game plans, and teenage boy looks made him NCAA basketball’s boy wonder. Now, he is getting beat night in and night out, a losing streak that is foreign to him. However, Stevens is the perfect coach for this situation because I feel as if he might be the next great coach of the Celtics. He has that way about him; when the Celts score a high lottery pick after this year and draft a stud, more players will come flocking to Boston to play with this young player. Stevens will eventually make it through this rough beginning filled with lost games and make Boston a winner again. The present state might not look too pretty, but under the guidance of a coach like Stevens, the Celtics should be more than fine in a couple years.

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