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The Milton Measure

Art Show Exhibits Student Talent

by Faith Pang on Friday, February 21st, 2014

On Thursday, February 13, Milton students displayed their artwork for the community in the Mid-Year Student Art Show. Teachers and students alike poured into Pieh Commons to support these artists, who worked painstakingly for months to prepare their pieces for this event. While each class had several different projects, every art student was equally represented at the art show.

The semester-long Advanced Independent 2D Art class allowed Class I students to create a series of pieces tied together by a common theme. One of these artists, Eliza White (I), utilized reusable material to create her works. One of her pieces consists of rope, leather, tree branches, and wood transitioning into aluminum foil, wires and tin cans, while another features streaks of blue, black and silver with shattered glass on a white background. Eliza White cited famous quotations as her inspirations, explaining, “I wanted to translate these famous quotes into an abstract representation.” Unlike Eliza, Morgan O’Connell (I) created a realistic piece, depicting her sister’s cheek pressed against a glass shower. This work draws an audience, as her skills for realism are breathtaking.

The Advanced Drawing class also displayed their works. In one project, students illustrated a scene, a person, or an object which exhibited distinct qualities of themselves. Julie Kim (II) drew an underwater figure, trying to escape the different versions of herself, struggling and pondering the possibilities of a better life. Meanwhile, Giselle Prado (II) chose to create a skeleton with a heart beating and a pool of blackness beneath. In another project, the class visited the Quincy Quarries and drew the landscape using Sharpies. Each student depicted a scene of his or her own choosing. While some brought to life the scene with colors, others kept to the simplicity of black and white.

Working with unique materials, 3D Studio Art students created pieces using simply wooden chopsticks, chopstick wrappers, puzzle pieces, and glue. Students were imaginative with this project, some even deconstructing the puzzle, which was meant to create a ball, to decorate the sides of their structure. Anna DiGravio (III) took creative liberties and devised a bedroom. Laying down the chopsticks as the foundation of the piece, she used the remaining chopsticks to create the skeleton of the building, cutting them to fit her structure, and adorned the structure with chopstick wrappings. In another project, the students created chairs out of cardboard that are strong enough to support an actual person.

These students have worked hard to create such incredible art. If you have the opportunity, go to Pieh Commons and see for yourself.

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