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The Milton Measure

Dear Lou, if I have free time over Thanksgiving break, what should I do?

by Louie Demetroulakos on Friday, November 22nd, 2013


Thanksgiving is a time for reflection and family. It is a time to remember all that we are thankful for: family, the Milton Measure, and all the Mustangs that roam on the Great Plains. I personally like to sit by the warm fire and discuss the politics of the Middle East with my family. While peaceful thought and family time are great, what should you be doing the other five nights of the break?

Three things: prepare for Turkey day, celebrate Turkey Day, and then relax after Turkey day. The first stage of break (also called the preparation for the feast) is an intense time. You need to acquire a turkey. I am not the one to ask about turkeys, but I am sure that the internet has a lot of information on where the plumpest turkeys can be found. If you decide to go hunting for your own turkey, keep in mind that there are certain laws you may have to follow. After you get a turkey, go diving for cranberries. Nothing makes for cranberry sauce like some good cranberries from Cape Cod. Go find yourself one of those bogs, and bring your scuba gear cause it’s gonna be cold. You want to pick the berries that are very red but a little purple because they will best complement the viscosity of the gravy. Shopping and hunting for your Thanksgiving meal can be a blast. You just have to be careful; a lot of ferocious shoppers roam Whole Foods before Thanksgiving. As for the feast, use it as a time for reflection and family traditions. If you do not have any family traditions, create one that brings your family closer together. My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is eating the turkey liver before the meal. After the actual day of the feast, be prepared for fun. Turkey bone disposal can be a game in itself, and you can begin to catch up on homework from the first semester. Take some time to savor the great outdoors. Take a hike in the wilderness or make friends with an earthworm. You should use the last few days of break as a time to put some more gas in the tank for the sprint to winter break. Be smart and safe this thanksgiving and remember that all turkeys are created equal. Eat up, sleep up, and be thankful.

Your most loyal ally,
Big Lou

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