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The Milton Measure

Changes to M Club

by Rebecca Chernick on Friday, November 22nd, 2013

Milton has traditionally concluded each sports season with “M Club,” an award ceremony that honors Milton’s varsity athletes. This year, however, the Athletic Department has decided to forgo M Club in the fall and winter seasons and instead consolidate the celebration into one large event for all varsity athletes in the spring.

Athletic Director Lamar Reddicks commented on this decision, “I believe that this way, all the varsity athletes get to benefit in the end of the year M Club. I think this year, we will try and do more with that end of the year one, since we are not doing the fall and winter M Clubs. This is pretty standard at most schools, and it allows for us to celebrate all of our varsity teams together as one.” Many wonder if this change resulted from previous M Club troubles, but Mr. Reddicks assures that “there were no issues with M Club in the past.”

This change raises a variety of opinions within the Milton community. “I will miss having an M Club each season,” says Varsity Football coach Kevin MacDonald. “I believe that the thought was that the night dragged on and that some coaches tended to be long winded. However, I always enjoyed giving a brief summation of the season, introducing the new captains at the M Club, and later dispensing our other individual awards at our subsequent banquet. I am, however, willing to try the new system for a year or two and see how it compares.”

Many student athletes also express concern. Derek Low (I) stated, “It doesn’t sound like a good idea to me right now. It sounds like it will be a single, long M Club with a bunch of people with short attention spans sitting in one large room.” Girls Cross Country and Lacrosse captain Maddie Warwick (I) agrees, “I think it’s an unnecessary change. M Club was fun because it marked the end of the season. One M Club at the end of the year is going to be really long, and it is going to be hard if you are a part of more than [one team].”

Emily Bland (I) shares Maddie’s opinion, stating, “I honestly don’t think the changes are a good idea. Being on two varsity sports, I feel as though the spring M-club will be confusing on which team to represent. I like getting together with all of the fall athletes because we get to celebrate our own teams. I think having each season individually recognized is better. In the spring, there will not be enough time for all of the coaches to speak or for all of the people to be recognized!”

In addition, fall athletes worry that spring M Club will deem their season irrelevant. A Varsity Soccer athlete, Victoria Parker (I) says, “For fall athletes, the spring M Club is far away from the season, so the naming of captains is a long way off.” Tri-varsity athlete Kaitlin Gately (I) agrees, “It is going to feel a little weird to announce awards and captains for the fall season all the way at the end of the year.”

Derek challenges the switch, saying, “An event for the students should not be changed without the opinion of the student… Whom does this change work in the favor of?” Though these changes are coming up against resistance, Kaitlin says, “I do like the idea of having all of the athletes having a huge M Club at the end of the year. I also like how the athletic department is encouraging all teams to have team banquets. Although one M Club would be easier… and less time consuming, it would probably be nice to do something to honor all of the athletes during the fall and winter right after their seasons end.”

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