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The Milton Measure

Celebrities’ Negative Impact on Youth

by Christina Lin on Friday, November 8th, 2013

Nowadays, the definition of “celebrity” is expanding. With the increase of popularity of reality TV shows and YouTube, the opportunities for fame have moved beyond Hollywood and athletics. However, these new attention-seeking stars, who make their name known through tasteless and unadmirable means, are negatively affecting the public, especially those in our age group.

In recent times, many people have become famous through immoral methods. Kim Kardashian, a reality star millionaire, gained her fame when a pornography video with her now ex-boyfriend Ray J leaked. She then maintained her fame by exposing her family drama on the reality TV show Keeping up with the Kardashians. Kim sacrificed not only her own privacy but also the privacy of her family to be famous. Her rise to stardom hurts the perspectives of young people, who idolize these stars and wish to gain stardom through similar means. These fans are then willing to go to extreme lengths to get on the covers of magazines, despite the negative publicity. A less extreme example is the YouTube comedians such as Fred. These unquestionably inane videos are filled with uncivilized words and distasteful jokes but are still gaining millions of viewers. Many of these YouTube users are quite young. When adolescants are exposed to these crude videos, they tend to develop this same inappropriate behavior, thinking that this attitude is acceptable and even admired by the general population.

In addition, many current celebrities use their money for drugs and alcohol. Such celebrities are young icons whom teenagers have grown up with. After watching Amanda Bynes in She’s the Man a few weeks ago, I thought to myself, “What happened to my favorite childhood star?” Recently, she has been posting pictures wearing what Mr. Ball would refer to as “the shortest shorts,” and has been offending talented celebrities such as Drake. The behavior of Amanda encourages young fans to dress in minimal clothing and to speak badly about other people. Another tragic situation is Lindsay Lohan. A star since age six, Lohan is now famous to the younger audience for her alcohol and drug abuse, demonstrating a harmful, reckless lifestyle to teenagers: have fun, do what you want, and don’t be scared of regulations and consequences.

With our extensive drug and alcohol education, Milton students are more informed than the average teen and typically view these celebrities with disapproval. Nevertheless, we are not immune to the allure of celebrities. Fortunately, there is the occasional passing of celebrity gossip; we generally do so for the purpose of mocking instead of worshipping. However, even these remarks are harmful to our community, for they spread a society of looking down upon others. As a community of well-educated individuals, we ought to make an effort to avoid speaking about these senseless celebrities.

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