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The Milton Measure

Seniors Leave Behind Legacy with Projects

by Claire Russell on Friday, June 7th, 2013

On May 2nd 2013, most seniors were released from their academic obligations and entered the highly anticipated period of Senior Projects. ­­­­­

Every senior has the opportunity to take advantage of the tradition of senior projects, taking the last month of school to explore an interest they discovered during their time at Milton or to learn something new.

Seniors can drop their entire course load the month before graduation; however, they must complete a total of forty hours a week on their proposed project. Others take on half-projects, keeping some of their classes and pursuing projects for less time a week. Senior varsity athletes also have the option to remove five hours a week from their projects to continue playing sports alongside their projects, and all students have the opportunity to break this time commitment up into multiple seperate projects.

Delaney Flynn (I) and Sam Curran (I) are kayaking together for their senior project. They kayak different routes in Scituate and research the historical significance of those areas. They are also helping to build a website about kayaking in Scituate, which will include information about the different routes, hazards on the routes, and length of the routes. Curran says they have learned a lot about the tide, weather, wind, and, most importantly, kayaking. The two took lessons in order to kayak and capsize safely, which Curran said is “pretty cool.”

Menaka Sachdev (I) has split her hours into two projects. For one of her projects, Menaka is an apprentice at the music department at Shady Hill School, where she helps teach music to students. Afterwards, Sachdev returns to campus to work on her second project, titled “An Exploration in Music”, with friend, roommate, and fellow talented musician Eliza Cornwell (I). Sachdev and Cornwell spend their time recording covers, writing songs, and creating a documentary about music at Milton. Sachdev says the documentary is “a tribute to the people at Milton who have inspired our musical journeys.” The movie focuses on Ms. Apthorp, Mr. Skinner, Nunu Lawoyin (I), Charlie Perkins (I), Adam Rochelle (I), and Sydney Adedemola (II). For Sachdev and Cornwell, the project has been an opportunity to collaborate with those who have inspired them at Milton as well as play together because, according to Sachdev, music is what brought her and Cornwell together.

Sam Audette (I) and Johanna Ebers (I) are also producing and collaborating on a film. Like Menaka’s, this movie includes appearances from fellow Milton students and faculty, such as Nick Maragos (I), Mary Brown (I), Sam Barrett-Cotter (I), Jimmy Haddad (I), Upper School Principal Mr. Ball, and Headmaster Mr. Bland. Audette’s interest in directing stems from his background in acting. Audette thought it would be interesting to try something different and work from a new perspective behind the camera. He says that it has been “difficult and fun to work with so many talented actors.”

Lillie Simourian (I), captain and key attacker for Milton’s Girls’ Varsity Lacrosse team, is coaching middle school lacrosse along with teaching first grade, and helping out in PE classes in the Lower School. Simourian picked her project because she hopes to teach and coach when she is older. She says her project has taught her to “be flexible and go with the flow,” since the first graders are sometimes rambunctious. The project has been particularly rewarding for her because she gets to watch students conquer material and reach the “aha moment,” as she calls it. She has also seen her coaching positively affect the middle school lacrosse team’s attacking end. Simourian has grown as a player through her time coaching because she can see the game from a new perspective. Her project has confirmed her desire to become a teacher and coach in the future.

Although senior projects require a lot of planning, time management, and hard work, they are ultimately rewarding and a lot of fun. Projects are annually presented to the community in the last week of school so Class I students can share the knowledge they have all gained in the past month.

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