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The Milton Measure

Matriculation: Class of 2013

by on Friday, June 7th, 2013

Nicole Acheampong: Princeton University
Jazmine Alicea: Lehigh University
Sarah Anderson: Harvey Mudd College
Lindsay Atkeson: Tufts University
Olivia Atwood: Bowdoin College
Sam Audette: University of Chicago
Alexandra Aulum-Pedersen: Smith College
Sam Barrett-Cotter: Tulane University
Nelson Barrette: Harvard University
Adam Basri: Cornell Unviersity
Amanda Beaudoin: Brown University
Martin Bernard: Bowdoin College
Tyler Billman: Gap Year, University of Chicago
Nick Bland: Cornell Unviersity
Jessica Blau: Yale University
Kate Bodner: Wesleyan University
Oliver Bok: Oberlin College
Jeff Bortman: Tufts University
Ben Bosworth: Connecticut College
Duncan Bowden: Colby College
Mary Brown: Harvard University
Marjorie Burke: Trinity College
Kailey Buxbaum: Colby College
Chris Cahoon: Whitman College
Danielle Cahoon: Boston College
Isabelle Carr: Williams College
Brian Cho: Brown University
Jonathan Chuang: University of Chicago
Scott Cielinski: Rollins College
Emma City: Gap Year, Harvard University
Sam Clifford: Fairfield University
Daniella Colombo: Amherst College
Michael Cooke: Trinity College
Chimene Cooper: Cornell Unviersity
Eliza Cornwell: Bard College
Julia Cowen: Pomona College
Allie Cullen: Cornell Unviersity
Samantha Curran: Wesleyan University
Jack Curtin: Johns Hopkins University
Nalani Daniels: Northwestern University
Anne Deng: Harvard University
Clare Dingle: Cornell Unviersity
Margaret Draper: Williams College
Jonah Dwyer: St. Mary’s University
Johanna Ebers: Lehigh University
Ali Edwards: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Josh Ellis: Bowdoin College
Lydia Emerson: Gap Year, University of Pennsylvania
Jonathan Esty: Yale University
Jake Farabee: Gap Year, Junior Hockey
Kirby Feagan: University of California, Los Angeles
Hayley Fish: Cornell Unviersity
Delaney Flynn: Colby College
Evan Garnick: Columbia University
Ali Gendron: Skidmore College
Namzey Gentso: University of Massachusetts, Boston
Alé Gianino: University of Southern California
Ali Golden: Yale University
Ellyn Golden: Dartmouth College
Tommy Goode: Carnegie Mellon University
Andreas Graham: Colorado College
Eva Grant: University of Southern California
Spencer Gray: College of the Atlantic
Jake Greenberg: Macalester College
Jimmy Haddad: Boston College
Shun Hagiwara: University of California, Los Angeles
Lucie Hajian: Brown University
Tucker Hamlin: Hamilton College
Andrew Haser: Hamilton College
Henry Hays: Emory University
Ryan Heath: Deerfield Academy (PG Year)
Alycia Hernandez: Howard University
Abbie Higgins: Harvard University
Chester Holtz: University of Rochester
Sarah Hombach: New York University
Avery Hutchison: Gap Year, St. Andrew’s University
Adele Huughe: Eckerd College
Kasia Ifill: Amherst College
Yuta Inumaru: Brown University
Genevieve Iwanicki: University of Chicago
Mallika Iyer: Johns Hopkins University
Dan Jagaselvan: Case Western Reserve University
Natalie Jones: Amherst College
Naavin Karimbux: New York University
Alexa Katz: University of California, Santa Cruz
Grace Kernohan: Union College
Chris Kim: Case Western Reserve University
Dan Kim: Emory University
Alex King: Vanderbilt University
Colin Kohli: Vanderbilt University
Kat Kulke: Princeton University
Zoe Kurtz: Vassar College
Helen Kwon: Washington University in St. Louis
Justin Lamere: Colby College
Alex Lauretti: Occidental College
Julien Lauretti: Colby College
Nunu Lawoyin: University of California, Los Angeles
Brittany Lee: Gap Year, University of Chicago
Terry Lee: Beijing University
Merritt Levitan: Colgate University
Grace Li: Wellesley College
Jessica Li: Harvard University
Kevin Lynch: Claremont Mckenna College
Kevin Ma: Bowdoin College
Nick Maragos: Undecided
Erica Mathews: Northwestern University
William McBrian: Colorado College
John McDonough: Wake Forest University
Mike McGee: Fairfield University
Julia McKown: Dartmouth College
Liam McNeil: Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Jason Mercer: Morehouse College
Jeremy Mittleman: Dartmouth College
Will Mixter: New York University
Cole Morrissette: Wesleyan University
Max Motroni: Endicott College
Nelson Mugabo: Brown University
Billy Murray: University of Miami
Ray Nakada: Colby College
Oona Newman: Susquehanna University
Ike Ngwudo: Dartmouth College
Max Nikitas: University of Vermont
Teddy Nwachuku: University of Chicago
John Oda-Gallagher: John Abbott College
Osaremen Okolo: Harvard University
James Oliver: Tufts University
Nick Pagliuca: Duke University
Sara Pearce-Probst: Tufts University
Charlie Perkins: Vassar College
Alex Perry: St. Lawrence College 
Shannon Peters: University of Georgia
Olivia Pincince: Brown University
Josh Pomper: University of Miami
Kris Powers: Princeton University
Jordan Quintin: Rhodes College
Elya Reznichenko: McGill University
Jesse Rice: New York University
Ryan Rizzo: Middlebury College
Claire Robertson: Kenyon College
Kali Robinson: Amherst College
Adam Rochelle: Wesleyan University
Ned Rodat: Whitman College
Matt Rohrer: Tufts University
Charlotte Ross: Queen’s University
Dan Rubenstein: University of Chicago
Skye Russell: Hamilton College
Javon Ryan: Princeton University
Anthony Sabitsky: Gap Year, Junior Hockey
Menaka Sachdev: Gap Year, Brown University
Duncan Sewall: Colby College
Mike Sheehan: University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Bobby Shepard: Boston University
Lillie Simourian: Hamilton College
Lizzy Siphron: Kenyon College
Jacci Smith: American University
Calvin So: New York University
Angie Song: Cornell Unviersity
Ari Spilo: Washington University in St. Louis
Ellen Sukharevsky: Brown University
John Sullivan: University of Vermont
Matt Sullivan: Clark University
Liane Thornhill: Northwestern University
Arielle Ticho: Northwestern University
Sophia Tsanotelis: Northeastern University
Elliott Vorel: Wesleyan University
Matrez Wade: Morehouse College
Nina Wadekar: Tufts University
Charles Wang: University of Michigan
Allison Ward: Bucknell University
Sage Warner: Bard College
Caleb Warren: Johns Hopkins University
Victoria Wee: Loyola Marymount University
Monique Williams: Columbia University
Isabel Wise: Cornell Unviersity
Harry Wood: Northwestern University
DJ WuWong: Case Western Reserve University
Julia Xiong: Columbia University
Carina Young: Brown University
Tristan Zeman: Vanderbilt University
Anna Zhang: Mount Holyoke College
Lisa Zhou: New York University
Natasha Zuzarte: Skidmore College

By The Numbers:
Brown University: 9
Cornell University: 8
Colby College: 7
Harvard University: 7
University of Chicago: 7
New York University: 6
Tufts University: 6
Northwestern University: 5
Princeton University: 5
Wesleyan University: 5
Amherst College: 4
Bowdoin College: 4
Dartmouth College: 4
Hamilton College: 4
Case Western Reserve University: 3
Columbia University: 3
Johns Hopkins University: 3
University of California, Los Angeles: 3
Vanderbilt University: 3
Yale University: 3
Bard College: 2
Boston College: 2
Colorado College: 2
Emory University: 2
Fairfield University: 2
Kenyon College: 2
Lehigh University: 2
Morehouse College: 2
Trinity College: 2
University of Miami: 2
University of Southern California: 2
University of Vermont: 2
Vassar College: 2
Washington University in St. Louis: 2
Whitman College: 2
Williams College: 2
American University: 1
Beijing University: 1
Boston University : 1
Bucknell University: 1
Carnegie Mellon University: 1
Claremont Mckenna College: 1
Clark University: 1
Colgate University: 1
College of the Atlantic: 1
Connecticut College: 1
Deerfield Academy (PG Year): 1
Duke University: 1
Eckerd College: 1
Endicott College: 1
Harvey Mudd College: 1
Howard University: 1
John Abbott College: 1
Loyola Marymount University: 1
Macalester College: 1
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences: 1
Massachusetts Institute of Technology: 1
McGill University: 1
Middlebury College: 1
Mount Holyoke College: 1
Northeastern University: 1
Oberlin College: 1
Occidental College: 1
Pomona College: 1
Queen’s University: 1
Rhodes College: 1
Rollins College : 1
Skidmore College: 1
Smith College: 1
St. Andrew’s University: 1
St. Lawrence College: 1
St. Mary’s University: 1
Susquehanna University: 1
Tulane University: 1
Union College: 1
University of California, Santa Cruz: 1
University of Georgia: 1
University of Massachusetts, Amherst: 1
University of Massachusetts, Boston: 1
University of Michigan: 1
University of Pennsylvania: 1
University of Rochester: 1
Wake Forest University: 1
Wellesley College: 1

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