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The Milton Measure

Letter From the Editors

by The Milton Measure on Friday, June 7th, 2013

Today’s world of instant media and communication spins faster than ever. World events can reach your phone just seconds after they become news, while rarely does a day pass before school news reaches the entire student body. As we swim in this modern fish bowl of information, we at The Milton Measure strive to give a different perspective on relevant issues, presented in a dynamic fashion.

Instead of solely reporting the news and scores, the CXIX Editorial Board is committed to spicing up The Milton Measure. By taking inspiration from highly regarded publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, and Sports Illustrated, we intend to keep The Milton Measure exciting to read. Whereas many amateur publications fall into the fatal cycle of publishing a bland collection of short essays, we hold fast to our pledge of keeping not only the topics of our articles interesting, but we also aim to vary the style and structure of these pieces. We want to give you not just a summary of a Wednesday assembly, but a snapshot into the journey of the speaker that led him to his ideas; not a recap of a sports game, but a play-by-play of the winning goal; not background stories of new teachers but outlines of their hopes to impact the cognitive and creative growth of Milton Academy students. In short, we don’t just want you to read our stories—we want you to experience them.

But this vision we have described does not fully encompass the essence of The Milton Measure’s biweekly publications. Here’s where you come in. Milton Academy derives its intellectual curiosity and fervent passion not just from its supportive and competitive environment, but also from the potent ambition of the student body. We want to embody the magnitude of this community’s talent in every twelve-page paper we create, so that when you pick up a Measure on your way into recess every other Friday morning, you are picking up a newspaper characterized by your peers’ achievements. Whether you star in a theater production, bring the house down at Beatnik, or captain the basketball team, we will make sure to incorporate your investment in the Milton Academy community into this publication, no matter how small that investment may be.

When you pick up your next Milton Measure, look for a part of yourself in the articles. Stay informed by our news section. Be inspired by our features. Laugh at our jokes (please!). Read on, friends.

We love you,
Elana and Charlie

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