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The Milton Measure

Evaluating Blue Coat after One Year

by Mark Iraheta on Friday, May 17th, 2013

If you are a boarder at Milton Academy, you have probably bumped heads with this year’s new proxy. Whether shutting off an underclassman boarder from the internet at your bedtime or blocking a junior from online shopping during study hall, the proxy does a solid job of limiting internet activity. Although the proxy has helped me and other boarding students stay off Facebook and other social media websites during study hall, I also find the proxy more of an inconvenience than a helpful tool.

In the beginning of the year, due to the proxy, many boarding students experienced difficulty connecting to the campus internet. The first month of school was filled with endless problems simply connecting to Google and other search engines. Although the new proxy was put in place to protect our school’s safety and privacy, the proxy prior to this one provided a much better service. While the current proxy does successfully block distracting websites during study hall, Milton students are generally capable of managing their time on social media sites. Additionally, students that log onto Facebook during study hall are usually trying to connect with peers about assignments, and those who are trying to connect to blogs are often researching a topic for class. I believe this new proxy is only a hassle that we must all deal with.

Upon arriving at Milton for the beginning of my sophomore year, I was excited about the freedom that came with it. My bubble was soon burst the first night that I asked for late lights back in October, when I needed to access a website for an assignment. To my surprise and inconvenience, I was presented with the Milton Academy logo with a caption reading “Access Denied.” This problem arose recently with the new and supposedly “improved” proxy software.

The new proxy now shuts off at 10:30pm for freshman boarders and 11:00 for sophomores, which poses a problem that needs to be addressed. With the old proxy, accessing the internet past bedtime with late lights was not difficult. One could go on the internet freely and do homework such as Supersite exercises or history research. Now, late lights are not helpful in regard to online assignments, since the internet completely shuts off at either 10:30 or 11:00 pm. Likewise, waking up early to finish online homework is nearly impossible, as the proxy does not restart again until approximately 6:00 am.

This proxy has been only a nuisance for all members of the boarding community, particularly the underclassmen, and the old proxy should be reestablished. “Dare to be True,” our school motto, does not hold true online. Why are we not trusted enough to complete our work without being distracted, so much so that the internet has to completely shut off at bedtime? The proxy last year was more reasonable and effective, and we should return to it.

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