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The Milton Measure

The Fashionable Embrace of February

by on Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

February has arrived. And therefore, according to the fashion world, so has spring. After all, every season has to come a month and a half early to squeeze in all the newest “trends”, right?

But remember the jolly times not too long ago, when we adored the first snowflakes of the winter, treasured the darkest season being illuminated by curly strings of bright whitelight woven into spindly evergreen trees. Winter is exceptionally stunning when embraced.

We must not simply dismiss the remaining month and a half of the season simply because of our wishes for green leaves and chirping birds. Although the soles of your boots may be worn down, your knitted sweaters sagging from use, and your scarves looking rather repetitive, there are still many ways to accept the grand finale of winter while secretly awaiting the first day of spring. Just look into your closet; you may simply find the beauty of February among the hangers.

The key to surviving February is to think in layers. Especially at this time of year, when everyone is worn out from exams and the days seem to stretch out endlessly, it is essential to always prioritize comfort. You most certainly do not have to give up all your oversized sweaters for the season yet, but if you feel like pulling out a springy floral dress, go for it. Layer your sweaters and scarves over your treasured spring items, and pair them up with some boots for an upbeat blend of the seasons.

Mix your more poppy springtime prints with some solid-colored, cozy winter comfort clothes. Or, you can proudly embrace the end of the season and pull out all your most wintry outfits for the last time.

Some people, such as myself, have an unrelenting addiction to sweaters. Sweaters embody all the goodness of winter. Whether they are printed, wool, oversized, or cardigan-style, sweaters serve us well any day of the week, when we want to look decent for school while still feeling comfy and cozy in the frigid winter air. Having some trouble finding those ideal sweaters? Well, they may be in the most unexpected places. There’s no use trying to get one of those classy vintage sweaters in a commercial mall; you may be surprised to find what you’re looking for in your mom or dad’s closets or at thrift stores. Fashion always comes in cycles, and the style of sweaters we crave so much now happened to have been the leading trend in the 80’s and 90’s. Maybe you’ll find that much-awaited snowflake-printed blue knitted sweater that your father detests inside his closet. However, the classic oversized sweater-scarf-leggings-socks-boots combination may need some switching up, as I know I have certainly used that mishmash to the fullest. Try replacing the scarf with a longer necklace or wearing a sweater-cardigan over a button-up shirt. Wear an oversized flannel shirt tucked into a solid skirt, and finish that off with some long socks and lace-up boots. Scarves will keep you content until the end of time, and I definitely don’t think that they are restricted to winter. However, I know I have been searching everywhere for some snazzy pairs of printed jeans or leggings. There’s no better way of brightening up your wearisome comfy sweaters by throwing them over some vibrantly decorated pants, whether the pattern is tribal, floral, or striped. You can find them nearly everywhere now, as they appear to be the latest trend, but look specifically in thrift stores for some unusual and exceptional patterns.

Since February tends to be a monotonous twenty-eight days of slush, cold, and grayness, take away the negative mood and welcome the month by incorporating little changes in your personal style choices throughout the month. Tired of your puffy North Face jacket? Put it away and wear a blazer—whether it is army-style, colored, patterned, or formal— over your regular outfit. When it comes to the unwanted, colorless ambiance of February and the endless wait for the spring equinox, comfort in clothing should always come first. And when your first glance at something dictates “ugly” and “shapeless,” look again, and envision layers of wintry fashion goodness in your mind.

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