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The Milton Measure

Thanksgiving Break: The Boarder’s Dilemma

by on Friday, December 7th, 2012

It’s that time of the year! Everyone is traveling to visit long distance relatives, going home, and just taking a relaxing and necessary break. For Milton Academy students, breaks are essential, with our daily hectic schedules and especially with exams and other stressful assignments just on the horizon. Day students take the time to be home most of the day, and boarders go home to spend time with our families, whom we do not get to see as often. This year, however, for me and many other students whose homes aren’t just a bus or car ride away, getting home wasn’t the most practical or logical option for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Boarders cherish the little time they have to spend time with our families, be back where they live, and simply relax in comfortable beds. However, a six day vacation for Thanksgiving made it nearly pointless for boarders to go home. I live in Houston, Texas. While it isn’t that far away, there are hardly ever any reasonable direct flights, so getting home usually takes nearly a day. A whole day wasted on bag checking, security revision, and plane time already takes up two days of our less than a week vacation. This short time wouldn’t be such an issue if flights were more reasonable and airline fees weren’t as high. Having to pay for an overpriced ticket and nearly $100 dollars in baggage and expenses along the way just was not practical, especially for the short amount of time we would be home. Instead, I and other boarders took the New York bus and stayed with relatives there. Of course, any break is lovely, especially when there’s no homework and it’s in New York City, but there’s no place like home. Getting that little dosage of my home and family always motivates me at Milton. Life can get pretty hectic here. Stress from school, peers, and sports is constantly on our shoulders, so being able to escape and be with those who love you and want you to do well is always a great outlet.

For me, and for a lot of boarding students who couldn’t go home or be with relatives these holidays, not going home was particularly difficult. A long time away from friends and family can really take its toll. Having such a short break is not only impractical for most people, but also upsetting and ineffective. If people do travel in this very short span of time, they return to school just as tired and even more frustrated that they weren’t able to see and enjoy their families for very long. For those who do not go home and stay with their host family, not being able to go home could just make homesickness and sadness even worse. Such a short break is only beneficial to day students; the boarding community doesn’t get to reap its full effects. While the break obviously can’t be two weeks long, it could still be a more reasonable time so that people can spend a decent amount of time at home, relaxing with family. A good rest is absolutely necessary so that students can come back to school ready to tackle on all the challenges that Milton brings.

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