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The Milton Measure

Shortened Winter Break Disappoints Students

by Monique Williams on Friday, December 7th, 2012

In my humble opinion, December break has to be one of the best holiday vacations. It means Christmas, snow, beaches, family, friends, a new year! It is also the first real break after the longest stretch of the school year, not including Thanksgiving. But an executive decision has been made to cut this break short by about 4 days. This year, school ends on December 19. I do not know what is worse, the fact that we do not even get 2 weeks of break, or the fact that I will be reaching home only 4 days before Christmas.

Word on the street is that the calendar was realigned for the school to compensate for all those long weekends; some sources went even further to suggest that our December break last year was too long! Personally, I could not contain my disbelief—we spend tireless hours for four months slumping over homework, tests, problem sets, labs, standardized tests and college applications, and you are telling me that we do not deserve at least 2 weeks of vacation? I think that’s preposterous.

Also, consider that many of our fellow seniors will be using this vacation to do work. We will probably be completing applications, in addition to finalizing our ideas for our senior projects. As seniors, I think that we were cut short the moment they decided to rip our holiday in two. Moreover, they still have boarders return on the 2nd day of the New Year. Are we allowed to just have a few moments to revel in relaxation and celebrate a holiday after months of stress and anxiety? It seems that as soon as things get pleasant they slap another book, test, paper or examination in front of us just so we do not get too comfortable.

Another group that this shortened break has affected tremendously is the international students. Many international students did not go home for Thanksgiving and instead stayed in America. Therefore, many have not seen their homes or families in four months, and that’s a pretty long time. Unfortunately, because the December break is shortened — that is, less than two weeks — many international students, especially those that live on the other side of the world, are not going home for December break. This means that the next time they will see their homes or families is probably in late March. Is this not emotional depravation? How can we be expected to work at our best and complete potential if we are emotionally starved? Going home and spending time with your family, even just having them around, can do a lot for a person. It can keep one mentally stable, quell homesickness and suppress depression — an issue that many teens fight with.

My ultimate point is I think that we, as Milton students, deserve a longer vacation. Let us not forget that teachers, faculty and staff are also affected—we are in this struggle together. A longer vacation would mean a greater chance at peace and tranquility for us all so we can begin the new year with a fresh start- rejuvenated and ready to tackle the next few months.

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