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The Milton Measure

Death to Twinkies?

by Gabriella Blake on Friday, December 7th, 2012

Hostess, the producer of the delicious treats that were staples of many people’s childhood diets, has recently declared bankruptcy and plans to shut down production.
The wake of a Baker’s Union strike against a new contract imposed by Hostess’ management after the company’s January bankruptcy, Hostess’ lack of support from workers, its debt, and its management’s inability to market old products to consumers’ new tastes — particularly in an era of increased interest in healthier food — have contributed to the company’s demise.

Before its announcement, the company was said to be making 500 million Twinkies and 127 million loaves of Wonder Bread annually.

For fans, the liquidation of Hostess is more than just a few yummy treats leaving the shelves; it’s a loss of their childhood. Erika Lamere (III) shares, “I am the biggest fan of Hostess, I grew up on that stuff. I had a Twinkie cake for my 12th birthday.”

The brand’s disappointing end sparked radical behavior from Hostess fans. Less than a week after the announcement, products were gone from the shelves in almost all stores, and the only market for these products was found online. Sold at prices anywhere between $50-$10,000, Hostess treats were in extreme demand from consumers. Morgan O’Connell (II) says, “My whole family was disappointed to hear the news. When we went the supermarket the next day, the shelves were completely void of any Twinkie or cupcake made by Hostess. I understand peoples’ need to hunt online for their last box.”

This reaction from their loyal consumers caused Hostess to rethink the complete liquidation of the company, and it is currently considering the idea of selling the Twinkie and Cupcake products to other companies in order to keep the treats on shelves.

Hostess, however, faces a gloomy future regardless of the current surge in demand. With healthy eating fads sweeping across the nation, many anticipate that Hostess fans will soon forget about the delicious treats after the frenzy of the brand closing subsides.

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