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The Milton Measure

Are Sports Requirements Necessary?

by on Friday, December 7th, 2012

At Milton hard work is not uncommon; however, the question has frequently been raised as to whether the three season sports requirement for underclassmen, and the two season requirement for upperclassmen, exceeds the necessary boundaries of athletic commitments.

When asking some of the underclassmen if they thought the sports requirements were excessive, most said no. Ian Kennedy (III) said that because he is an underclassmen, his workload is lighter than that of an upperclassman; therefore, the time commitment for sports is not the problem. In fact, Kennedy strongly agrees that underclassmen should try to fulfill their requirements by being on teams as he has “made some of [his] best friends on sports teams.”

A student who is not inclined to join a sports team can take Project Adventure as a freshman and Fitness Concepts (Fitcon) as a sophomore, two required PE classes that meet during the school day. This way, students can keep their afternoons free while fulfilling their requirements.

However, this system does not always work out as planned. For example, students do not always get to pick the season that they take these courses, and sometimes have to participate in either of these activities while simultaneously playing an extra-curricular sport.

Ben Gagnon (III) added that the requirements were not too rigid because of the Fitcon and project adventure system; however, when asked if he thought these classes should count as sports requirements, Gagnon answered no for project adventure, but yes for Fitcon because project adventure is not as active as Fitcon, although neither rival the activity level of being on a sports team.

Some changes have been made this year around the system of sports credit. This year CPR does not count as a sports credit, much to many students dismay. But why would this count in the first place? The class takes up time, and putting a sport on top of that time would be a lot; however, there isn’t much physical activity in CPR class, and according to, a student should strive to get at least one hour of moderate to rigorous exercise per day, and the CPR class was allowing kids to take the class simply to avoid that healthy dose of exercise.

Javon Ryan (I) disagrees, and believes that having CPR as a sports credit helps the seniors save time with all the stresses of school and college that they have. He also argues that as a senior, one should be able to “take self-awareness of their own physical health,” and not be directed by the athletic department. Taking away CPR is a debatable decision, but perhaps it would not be up for debate at all if it was not a credit in the first place.

In general, Milton’s underclassmen do not find the athletic requirements too much to handle as there are ways to budget your time by taking project adventure or Fitcon. If there simply isn’t enough time in the day due to outside of school commitments, for example, if you row crew, you can sign a waiver that excuses you from a season.

Milton has already addressed some areas of fault in their system such as offering CPR as a sports credit, which, understandably, some seniors regret, and to make the system even better, Ben Gagnon suggested that there be some kind of underclassmen Darling’s program where students can stay in shape in their off season. Also, there is the possibility that in the years to come, underclassmen will be able to pick when they want to take project adventure or Fitcon.

Each year the system gets stronger and stronger, and ultimately is there to benefit us and our school. Staying active is very important, and it should be encouraged, but not impossible to manage, a balance our school seems to have nearly mastered.

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