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The Milton Measure

Steppin’ It Up

by Faith Pang on Friday, November 2nd, 2012

We can all agree that Step Team is a new force on campus. Its members’ enthusiasm and love for rhythms and beats pulses through the Milton community. Those of us who went to the Step assembly, which attracted a good deal of the student body, can vouch for the team’s authenticity.

What everyone would like to know about, however, are the mechanics of Step team. What makes these steppers tick? Upon interviewing Lisandra Lao (III), one of the co-captains along with Emmie Atwood (II) and Liane Thornhill (I), I found that Step is really about unity: working together as a team as one unit instead of focusing on the individual. Lao also said that the team had to “understand each other’s flaws and help one another fix those flaws.” Despite the seriousness of their craft, however, creating friendships, having fun, and sharing a common interest are what really make Step Team such a presence and so entertaining to watch.

The group doesn’t develop its amazing combinations just through pure improvisation. First, the captains come up with a free hand beat, doing whatever they want rhythmically until they find something that they like. They try to make their beats different from other steps so that they are more unique and engaging. “We work from there and practice the beat to make sure it’s consistent and sounds pleasing to the ear,” Lao says. As for teaching the moves to the entire group, the captains teach the members little by little until everyone has it down.

We all know how enthusiastic everyone is about Step, so Lisandra provided a little advice for potential members: “What the captains really look for [in people trying out] is how much energy they have and how much they want to do Step, not the experience they have. They also have to be quick to pick new moves up.”

In the future, we can definitely expect to see more of the Step Team. They will perform at their annual Step Show on April 13, alongside colleges, high schools, and churches, as well as at Pep Rallies, the Winter Dance Concert, and a few other events throughout the year. Come out to these occasions, support all your friends who are on the team, and maybe think about trying out for Step next year.

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