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The Milton Measure

Steampunk Shakespeare

by Kat Feary on Friday, November 16th, 2012

On November 1st, Milton Academy presented its own rendition of William Shakespeare’s play Twelfth Night. The eclectic show, starring Eva Grant (I), Daisy Walker (II), and Sam Audette (I), thoroughly captivated the audience and garnered significant praise from all who saw it. In addition, many unique aspects of the performance set it apart from more traditional takes on Twelfth Night.

Faculty director Shane Fuller added a unique and modern edge to the 400-year-old work. The play made use of steampunk, a sub-genre of science fiction, by incorporating elements of Victorian style, clockwork, and punk culture into the set design and costume choices. Additionally, music for the play was performed live by some of the student actors. Audience members enjoyed watching the actors play music themselves and felt the use of real instruments gave the story an authentic touch. Both bold choices set Twelfth Night apart from a typical Shakespeare performance.

Students involved had an amazing time putting the show together. The cast and crew were working up until the last minute to make sure everything was in place and ready for opening night. Sam Audette (I), who played Viola’s love interest Duke Orsino, said he “thought the play went great and came together at the last minute. [They] were still figuring out certain costume things Thursday.” Despite these last-minute details, Thursday’s performance went wonderfully, setting audience expectations for the following nights high. John Glasfield, another one of the actors, cited his favorite part of the play as “listening behind the set to the subtle differences in each performance. None were necessarily better or worse than others, but there were always a few sections that were unique.” He went on to say that these variations made the play more real.

Additionally, Twelfth Night is full of plot twists, a few somewhat difficult to follow in Shakespearean English. Lindsey Jay, an audience member, said that if she “hadn’t seen the movie She’s the Man, [she] probably would have been more confused as to how the play began.” However, Lindsay still enjoyed the show.

Overall, Twelfth Night proved a hit with the student body. The talented cast and Fuller’s creative vision made the show distinctive and memorable.

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