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The Milton Measure

Freshmen Dominate Homecoming

by The Milton Measure on Friday, November 16th, 2012

During the days leading up to this year’s Homecoming, shy freshmen entered a whirlwind of activity: frantically trying to score a date, working up the courage to ask a secret crush, searching for the perfect dress. However, the Class of 2016 appeared to be the only class seriously preparing for this event.

Typically, this dance attracts high attendance from members of the freshmen class and mediocre turnout from the others. Freshmen enjoy this dance as the only formal dance open to their grade. In an attempt to make Homecoming more attractive to other grades, SAA tried to create a separate Class IV dance; however, according to SAA member Rilan Cobb (III), these endeavors were cut short because “there was just not enough interest.”

SAA also made the dance Sadie Hawkins style, in which girls ask boys to attend as their dates. This role-reversal successfully generated more interest; however, many students chose to attend the dance “flying solo.” Macy Handy (IV), who shared a date with her best friend, admitted, “a lot of people were more nervous about getting a date or asking a boy out than the actual dance.” She added that people found it more fun to “just go with friends and have a fun, laid-back night.” Trevor Atkeson (IV), who did not bring a date, still anticipated a good time. “The past few dances have been lots of fun,” said Trevor. Even without a date, he “had high expectations for the night.”

Some upperclassmen, however, still cannot match the enthusiasm of the freshmen. Mary Ellis (II) says, “I think of homecoming as dance for freshmen and maybe some sophomores. I just wouldn’t go because I don’t think that many upperclassmen go.” She continued, “I think Homecoming would be fun if it was a big thing and older kids were enthusiastic about it, but we are not.”

On the contrary, Sam Clifford (I) has gone to the Homecoming dance “three years strong, baby!” When asked if she believes Homecoming should be an event for freshmen only, Sam disagreed, saying that having the dance for the whole school at the end of spirit week makes the week more exciting. Niki Young (III) agrees that “it would be a lot more fun if all of the grades went.”

Overall, student opinions on Homecoming differ by class. The underclassmen have a blast, while the upperclassmen tend to shy away from the dance. However, the general consensus is that if attendance was higher among all grades and not just “a freshman dance,” Homecoming would definitely be a dance to remember.

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