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The Milton Measure

Milton’s Rules of the Road

by Rachael Allen on Friday, October 5th, 2012

When students earn their licenses, they often feel compelled to leave campus during the school day, whether it be to grab lunch at Bent’s or a drink at Starbucks. However, according to page. 37 of the Milton Academy handbook, students must “remain on campus until the end of their last academic commitment or 12:40 p.m., whichever is later.”

If a student would like to leave school earlier, he or she must ask the dean of students, Mr. Ruiz, or one of the class deans for permission. If this time conflicts with classes, students must fill out a special absence form. However, many students are unaware that the dean’s office is usually flexible with allowing students to leave school during free periods for a short trip to Starbucks, for example. “Most students don’t know that they can just check out with the deans during a free period,” states an anonymous Class II student. “They just leave school without telling anyone, risking serious trouble that could so easily be avoided.”

Students with cars also face another issue: parking. The ACC lot is stated in the handbook as only for Class I students, while Class II and Class III students must park in the pool lot, behind the CSG. No students may drive on Campus Road, the road that loops by the RSG, Wolcott, Robbins, and Forbes houses, nor may any student park in any of the other lots on campus. After 4:00 pm, however, students are free to park wherever they chose.

Campus Safety provides stickers for all cars in the Milton community: faculty, staff and students. Students must obtain one of these these stickers within 5 days of being on campus, at the expense of a citation.

Jay Hackett, Director of Campus Safety, explains the necessity of these stickers. He says, “[They] properly identify who is a member of the Milton Academy Community, designat[ing] which lot they should be in, and if there is a problem with their car (lights on, windows open etc.) we may contact them without contacting the Milton Police.”

Three and a half weeks ago in the ACC parking lot, Campus Safety issued twenty-two warnings, and two weeks later, they issued ten parking violations. In past years, there have been similar instances of students accumulating multiple parking warnings and violations; however, the consequences have remained the same.

Page 49 of the handbook states, “Students found in violation of these rules will be reported to the dean of students. The first parking violation will result in Thursday afternoon detention. A second parking violation will result in a loss of driving privileges.”

Some students may think of Milton’s parking citations as harmless, but there is a big difference between staying after school one day and not being able to drive at all, so treat Milton Academy’s rules as you would the Massachusetts State Driving Laws. Keep in mind that these violations can lead to more trouble than leaving school early and parking closer to assembly is worth, especially if the risk is losing the right to drive.

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