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iPhone 5 Underdelivers

by Rajan Davae on Friday, October 5th, 2012

On September 12, 2012, Apple unveiled its latest smartphone, the iPhone 5. This new device sold about 20 times faster than the previous model, the iPhone 4S but failed to meet international expectations.

The iPhone 5 has some interesting features. Users of previous iPhone models first notice the phone’s increased height and reduced width and weight. The latest iPhone also comes with a new operating system, iOS 6, and an updated dual-core processor, known as the Apple A6. In terms of graphics, the iPhone 5 includes a 640 X 1136 resolution and a retina display. Other features include a battery life of 8 hours, 4g LTE support, and an improved camera capable of taking large scale, panoramic pictures.

Yet despite these technical improvements, Apple fails to offer customers legitimately useful new features. From its revolutionary touch-screen phones to its more recent tablets, Apple has always led innovation in the tech industry with its avant-garde products. Unfortunately, the iPhone 5 seems to be, as critics joke, just a “longer and wider iPhone 4S.” Apple’s standards should be much higher than those represented by the iPhone 5, and customers are drifting away from the tech giant and turning to other mobile phone companies.

Additionally, some of the features of the new generation have been downgraded from previous editions of the phone. The battery life of the iPhone 5 is only eight hours, six short of the fourteen of the iPhone 4S. Also, due to tensions between Apple and Google, iOS 6 has eliminated all pre-installed, Google-powered applications, such as YouTube and, most importantly, Google Maps. While Apple tried to build its own map application from scratch, the app is, as the New York Times states, an “appalling” release. The application has brought the company so much embarrassment that CEO Tim Cook issued an apology last weekend, suggesting that users try alternatives like Bing, a navigation application created by chief rival Microsoft. Why would current 4S users want to waste $200 or more on a phone that offers nothing but larger dimensions?

Moreover, why are the phone’s sales numbers so good if it does not offer anything new? The answer lies in Apple’s unrivaled marketing game. The company boasts an incredibly strong international following, and these “Apple fanboys” will go to great lengths to purchase all of its products. Apple’s marketing has been so strong that it has set the benchmark for smartphones and tablet computers with its iPhones and iPads, respectively. Apple has become the brand name for electronic devices, so for those waiting in line to get an iPhone 5, the latest model is always the best one.

The iPhone 5 is not worth buying. Nevertheless, millions of phones were sold within the first few days that the product spent on the market. Apple should better take advantage of its reputation by offering bolder product improvements before other tech giants such as Motorola snap up the consumer pool.

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