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The Milton Measure

Milton Academy Urban Dictionary

by The Milton Measure on Friday, September 21st, 2012

Seed (noun)
A superb human being; someone who is exceptional at practically everything
“You know who is a seed at public speaking? Maragos.”

Miz (adjective)
Miserable, ugly, or lame; often spoken with intense passion
“I was going to apply to the Milton Paper, but then I realized it’s the miz.”

Sick PA (noun)
Excellent “Player Appearance,” indicating the way one carries oneself; a person’s swag or style. Most frequently used to describe the class of 2013 during the 2009-2010 school year.
“Yo Ms. DeBuhr, sick Yoga PA!”

Class IV Talk (noun)
A “monumental” moment of your class four year beginning with a Merriam-Webster Definition of an irrelevant word.
“Remember that kid who fainted during his Class IV Talk?”

TMP (noun)
see entry: Miz

Salted (adjective)
put down, hurt, burned, derived from “insulted”
“Dude, TMP just got salted.”

The Panini Machines (pl. noun)
An underrated privilege; a section of Forbes Dining Hall where all civilized behavior, politeness, and moral principles are lost. Oh, and do NOT push the handles down!!!
“Did your sandwich just touch my sandwich?”

The Cave (noun)
A dark area of the student center where you will find litter, backpacks, and sophomores trying to make friends.
“I know absolutely nobody in the Stu right now, I guess I can watch some tv in the cave with these people I vaguely know.”

Forbes House (noun)
The least spirited and quietest dorm on campus, known for a lack of boarder pride.
Guest speaker: “I was also a boarder in Forbes House (pause…deafening silence)….”

DSG (noun)
Day Student Girl, who typically drives to school in her new range rover, wears a patagonia fleece, hunter boots, and carries a longchamp bag.
“Did you see my instagram?”

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