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The Milton Measure

Democrats Deliver at Convention

by on Friday, September 21st, 2012

In soccer, the infamous penalty shootout is the most common way to break a grueling tie. As much a psychological mind game as a test of skill, the shootout forces teams to debate whether going first or second will provide more of an advantage. The team who shoots first has a chance to set the tone, and put pressure on the opponent to convert, yet the second team can step up knowing what is required of them, free to capitalize on others’ mistake and make the final statement about who is better.

The battle for America’s vote in November’s election followed the same script over the last three weeks. First, the Republican Party gathered in Tampa for their National Convention. From August 27th to 30th, speakers praised the character of Mitt Romney and the values of the Republican Party, while the Democratic Party began their National Convention on September 4th. In this vitally important match to determine the tone of the election, Obama was much more effective in convincing voters that his vision is superior.

Unfortunately for the Republicans, two celebrated figures left the American population skeptical before Romney had even spoken. First, running mate and potential Vice President Paul Ryan delivered a speech littered with falsities and manipulations of the truth., a website dedicated to truthfully analyzing what politicians say, discusses how Ryan, “faulted Obama for failing to deliver a 2008 campaign promise to keep a Wisconsin plant open, [when] it closed less than a month before Obama took office.” Ryan’s flawed research and lack of authenticity concerned viewers headed into the convention’s last day. The conclusion was strangely not highlighted by presidential candidate Mitt Romney, as perhaps it should have been, but instead by mystery speaker Clint Eastwood. Known for his outlandish behavior, the esteemed actor sat across from an empty chair and began a dialogue as though President Obama were seated there. Eastwood shaped the conversation to demonize the current President, even creating implications of profanity. The routine was unconventional and unique, but its bizarreness made a connection with viewers difficult, leaving many more disturbed than persuaded. Though Romney accepted his nomination for the Republican candidacy with a speech that has been described as “good enough,” the attention was focused on the notable misses of Ryan and Eastwood.

After a lack of conservative execution, the Democrats kicked off their convention with a bang. Immediately, speakers began to send the message that Obama and the Democratic Party would fight for opportunity and the restoration of the middle class. Milton alumnus Deval Patrick delivered an especially perceptive speech as the man who succeeded Mitt Romney as Governor of Massachusetts and who is also a close friend of Barack Obama’s. Michelle Obama then spoke of the President’s commitment to his country and to his family, using her likable and composed demeanor to connect with viewers. Next, Bill Clinton delivered one of the nascent century’s finest political speeches. When Barack Obama delivered his acceptance speech at the end of the convention, he was building from his endorsements instead of fighting distractions from speakers before him.

Going into the conventions, the national opinion was deadlocked, with each candidate receiving support from 48% of the electorate. Current polls indicate Barack Obama is now ahead by 4%. The Conventions received huge publicity as one of the best showcases for the platforms of each party; clearly, American citizens have high expectations for the future of our country. Although a lot can change before the first Tuesday of November, Obama and the Democrats had a much better showing at their convention, and have won over voters that will be vital in the upcoming election.

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