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The Milton Measure

The Best Sites for Procrastination

by on Friday, May 18th, 2012


If you’re anything like a normal person, then you check Facebook like it’s your job. Open the computer, bang, you’re on Facebook. Checking your email, whoops, you’re on Facebook. Not going on Facebook? Oh, hello, you’re on Facebook. I mean, that site constitutes life. It’s the place to stalk photos for hours, scroll through your “newsfeed” until you know everyone’s business, and contemplate the social parameters of liking a comment or commenting back. If you’re not procrastinating on FB yet, then you’re really not procrastinating the right way. If you’re still looking to fill that social networking void in your life and you’re not a Facebooker, then give Tumblr a try. I made one with Jazmine Alicea (II) this one time, and for like three days, it was awesome. Totally and utterly awesome. Then it’s just weird. You can upload pictures to make a spread, or write quotes and other miscellaneous facts. It’s blogging but with artsy edge, and it’s free. In the same realm as Tumblr, we have Pinterest. Now Pinterest, that’s a great site. You literally build an online pin board and design it however you like. I used to wonder why we make online bulletin boards instead of real ones, but then I realized that with the online kind, you won’t accidentally get a tiny prick on your finger with a pin. It’s way safer online, so go for it.


We all know about the old and Those sites are humorous forums for anyone to share their stories. Dare I say it, they were the first of their kind. I mean, those are ancient! Circa 2007! I was checking before I knew what the “F” stood for (I thought it meant fun. Or maybe fluff.) The newest FML-esque sites are whenparentstext and whatshouldwecallme. If you haven’t visited those ones at least once than you are not in the loop. When parents text is a hilarious site showcasing awkward, unclear, or just plain bizarre text messages from parents, and whatshouldwecallme narrates real life situations with GIFs. It has inspired many similar sites, including a Tumblr page that acts as a parody of life at Milton Academy.


Feel like drawing with the pixels of your computer? Hit up It’s a totally weird site where you literally stare at a semi blank screen until you realize that by moving your mouse, black things start falling. You can alter the colors to make lovely messes. But check out the galleries: so many people have spent hours creating strangely accurate drawings. I can’t imagine spending that much time making replicas of Mickey Mouse out of pixels, but be my guest. If you feel like doing good deeds while sitting at home like a lazy bum, check out On this website, by spelling words and giving definitions correctly, you send rice to people in need. I’m not entirely sure how it works, but it’s a non-profit organization run by the United Nations World Food Program, so give it a shot. In that vein, if you need to brighten your day, visit Dedicated to blogging the little things that make life so great, this forum makes you smile.

Games and Other Things

Okay. If you haven’t gotten hooked on some Internet game, than you need to adjust your priorities and start virtually living. is the perfect place for that: a site to make you stare at the screen for hours and click your mouse left and right until your fingers ache. Don’t go on unless you have serious time to waste. You will not be able to leave. Similarly, give or a try. So sue me, those are the sites we were allowed to play on during indoor recess in the lower school, but they’re kind of fun. I love the squirrel game. Enough said. You can always build a wardrobe on or watch television online at and Netflix. And if you want more, try simply going to After entering in your interests, you will be able to travel to the best of the web, custom-fit for you.

Those are simply some suggestions to navigate your homework time. Waste well, and always remember to check firstclass like there’s no tomorrow. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but if you really feel like killing a couple hours, the best website in the world is called The Real World (also known as Going Outside or Taking A Walk.) Go for a bike ride. Stand in the sunlight. And when you’re done, go finish that paper you’ve been putting off.

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