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The Milton Measure

Excessive Assemblies

by Mykayla Sandler on Friday, May 4th, 2012

What would you do with an extra half hour in the morning? Spend time with friends? Do a little more homework? Talk to a teacher? Get more sleep? Given how packed our Milton weeks are, I just cannot see how there is time for an extra, unnecessary 20 minutes spent on Tuesday morning assemblies. Having just recently gone through the head monitor elections, as well as elections for other SGA positions, we as a student body have heard about the many aspects of Milton that some would like to change. Each candidate has his/her own opinion on specific flaws and ways to remedy them, but almost all mentioned a desire to get rid of some of our assemblies. Specifically, many believe that Tuesday assemblies should be eliminated.

In general, assemblies are an efficient way to carry a message to the entire school. Well run, all-school assemblies with focused agendas are a good use of time. Also, the assemblies with notable guest speakers are worthwhile for the entire school, as they are fascinating and educational. But what about when there is no essential message to convey? On many an occasion, we simply do not have enough substantive announcements to fill up an assembly. Instead, we get “filler announcements.” You know the ones I mean…. the “this club is meeting today. Come out!” Is there really not a better use of our time?

As Tuesday assemblies often do not convey any salient messages, let’s cancel them. I’m guessing the faculty could use the time just as much as the students; who would decry some extra time to sleep or grade papers? From my standpoint, a more relaxed morning with rolling check-in would be very beneficial, especially during stressful periods.

But what about the other assemblies? Should we keep Monday and Wednesday assemblies? Sure. Thursday and Friday too? How about one or the other, based on need. Better yet, how about only Monday, Wednesday and Friday? We can bring back Thursday assemblies only during weeks when they are absolutely necessary. While we are at it, let’s focus on content, not length, in the assemblies that we do have. Announcements should be short, sweet and focused. Moreover, assemblies should be filled with more engaging activities, such as students reading poetry or presenting artwork. Also, we could have more performances, both musical and theatrical, and more traditions like the clip of the week and the donut drawing.

In considering the benefits of altering Milton’s assembly schedule, the reasons for their popularity in election speeches become clear. Changing the amount of assemblies per week is a simple way to make the Milton experience better and easier for all of us. Like any campaign promise, however, shifting the assembly schedule is easier said than done. Words must be followed by deeds, and in the case of Milton assemblies, just as in national politics, more deeds and fewer words would be welcome.

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